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Alligator Jewelry and Trinket Boxes

Looking for alligator and crocodile jewelry? We have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pins made from sterling silver, enamels, crystal, and pewter. Keychains too!


  • Alligator Earrings

    Alligator Earrings

    Green Tree Jewelry, an innovative San Diego based company, that delivers cutting edge wood jewelry and product design - Enjoy!

    Made In U.S.A
    Size 1.3" x 2"
    Alligator Earrings
    An alligator can weigh over 1000 pounds
    Made from sustainably sourced materials
    Laser-cut wood
    Stained with water based dye
    Ear wires are silver-finished 3041 stainless steel with new electrophoretic-coating that resists tarnishing

  • Alligator ID/Glasses Holder

    Alligator ID/Glasses Holder

    Let this handsome gator hold your ID badge or your glasses!

    It's a pin with a traditional style clasp on the back. It's made from a silvery metal and has lots of detail in the scales on its back.

    The loop that hangs below the alligator can be used to clip-on a badge holder, or slip an earpiece of your glasses into it to hold them when you're not wearing them.

    Size: 1-3/4" tall

    Note: The dime is shown for scale and is not included with the sale of the pin.
  • Alligator Necklace in Alligator Box

    Alligator Necklace in Alligator Box

    Here's a cute alligator necklace!

    This whimsical enameled alligator charm hangs on a golden chain, and comes in its own alligator-shaped flocked velvet box. The green jewelry box is made so the alligator's back hinges open from the side.

    Size: Pendant is 3/4" tall, on a chain that is adjustable from 16" to 18". Box is 4-1/2" long.
  • Alligator Two-Tone Charm Necklace

    Alligator Two-Tone Charm Necklace

    Have you ever had an alligator at your throat?

    If you haven't, now's the time!

    This lovely two-tone gold and silver necklace has five charming alligators hanging from it and a T-clasp so that you can adjust the length of the chain.

    Should I mention that the alligators' mouths are slightly open?

    Size: 17"-19" adjustable
  • Brown Crystal Alligator Brooch

    Brown Crystal Alligator Brooch

    Looking for a classy alligator brooch?

    This one's a beauty! It's made from a shiny gold metal and covered in tiny brown and amber crystals that sparkle with rainbow colors. The eyes are a dark green crystal.

    This pin has the traditional style clasp. A truly magnificent pin to adorn your lapel or to hold a scarf.

    Lead safe.

    Size: 3" long
  • Curly Alligator Pewter Zipper Pull

    Curly Alligator Pewter Zipper Pull

    Grab that alligator!

    This cute little alligator zipper charm will help your grab your zipper. It's a silvery-colored pewter charm on a small lanyard clip, and it also looks great clipped to purses, backpacks, and cell phones as a decorative charm.

    Size: 5/8" tall charm on a 3/4" clip
  • Fashion Watch with Crocodile Second Hand

    Fashion Watch with Crocodile Second Hand

    Size/Measurements: Band length(cm): approx 24 / Band width(cm): approx 1.8 / Watch weigt(g): approx 35
    Band Material: Imitation leather
    Round dial, fashion & casual
    Beautiful bracelet design and comfortable to wear

  • Flashing Alligator Necklace

    Flashing Alligator Necklace

    Need a flashy alligator?

    This fun alligator necklace has a big rubber alligator that blinks and flashes with multicolored LED lights inside! Just touch the metal contacts on its belly, and it'll flash for about 15 seconds and then turn itself off.

    The big alligator is on a shiny green beaded necklace with two smaller non-flashing alligator charms.

    Size: 6" long flashing alligator, on a 32" beaded necklace
  • Fun Black Gator Watch

    Fun Black Gator Watch

    A fun wrist watch with a snappy style!

    This watch has a sturdy plastic band in matte black decorated with slightly raised green alligators and palm trees.

    The watch face has alligators at the 4 cardinal points and the second hand is the small gator in the center that moves a tick mart every second. The back is stainless steel and water resistant.

    Size: Watch face is 1" in diameter, band fits wrists from about 5-1/4" to 6-1/2" (fits youth wrists and small adult wrists, measure to be sure).
  • Fun Blue Gator Watch

    Fun Blue Gator Watch

    Here's a snazzy gator watch!

    This watch has a sturdy plastic band colored an ocean blue and is decorated with slightly raised alligators and palm trees. See picture below for full view of the band.

    The watch face has numbers that are blue, green, yellow and red in sequence. The alligator in the middle of the watch is on a clear plastic disk that rotates as the seconds tick by. The back is stainless steel and water resistant. Watch face is 1 inch across.

    Size: Fits children and small adults - adjusts from 5-1/4" to 6-1/2". Be sure to measure your wrist if this is for an adult!
  • Gold and Crystal Alligator Cocktail Ring

    Gold and Crystal Alligator Cocktail Ring

    Show off your gator love!

    This big alligator ring sparkles with bright Austrian crystals in green and clear colors on a gold toned setting. Wear it to your next party for a big splash!

    Size: The stretchy adjustable ring band fits most finger sizes. Alligator is 1-1/2" long, 3/4" wide.
  • Green Alligator Clip-On Watch

    Green Alligator Clip-On Watch

    Don't like to wear a wristwatch?

    Dangle this cute alligator watch from your purse, backpack, key chain, zipper, or belt loop! It has a sturdy lobster-claw style clip, and the gator is green enameled metal.

    This alligator even has sharp teeth! Go ahead, put your finger inside its mouth and let it clamp down...

    Size: Gator is 2" long, watch face is about 1/2" across.
  • Green Crystal Alligator Brooch

    Green Crystal Alligator Brooch

    Looking for a classy alligator brooch?

    This one is made from a shiny gold metal and covered in tiny green crystals in pale and olive green. The ridges on the back are enameled in green and the eyes are a dark green crystal.

    This pin has the traditional style clasp. A truly magnificent pin to adorn your lapel or to hold a scarf.

    Lead safe.

    Size: 3" long
  • Green Gator Brass Hatpin

    Green Gator Brass Hatpin

    Add a gator to your hat!

    You can never have too many pins in your hat. If there doesn't seem to be enough room, just let this hungry alligator loose on your hat and it will MAKE room for itself!

    The pin is a gold brass metal with a dark green enamel over the body and red enamel for its mouth. The back on this pin is a single post, with a soft rubbery plastic keeper that will keep your pin comfortably in place.

    Though we call it a hatpin, it is also perfect as a lapel pin or tie tac.

    Size: 1" long

  • Mardi-Gras Alligator Necklaces (6)

    Mardi-Gras Alligator Necklaces (6)

    Feeling festive?

    Well, if you aren't, just toss a few of these alligator Mardi-Gras necklaces around your neck and let the festivities begin!

    The shiny molded beads are molded onto a durable string and come in an assortment of bright metallic colors. The picture shows a closeup of the alligator bead shape.

    Great for parties, weddings, school pep rallies and tradeshows too!

    The safety tag on the necklaces says "Not for children under 13 years", because the necklaces are a continuous strand and do not have a safety breakaway clasp.

    Size: 1 set of 6 necklaces, each about 30" long, alligator beads are 1-1/4" long.
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Pewter Alligator Keychain

    Pewter Alligator Keychain

    Looking for a keychain with some bite?

    This solid pewter alligator will do the trick. The back of the gator is ridged and the underside of the alligator is just as detailed as the back.

    The key chain has a nice weight to it and has a swivel joint to keep the gator from getting twisted up by the keys.

    Size: Total length is 5" long, gator is 3" long
  • Pink Crystal Alligator Brooch

    Pink Crystal Alligator Brooch

    A pink alligator?

    Maybe it's a sign of harmlessness... or perhaps the gator is a supporter of the efforts to combat breast cancer.

    The main part of the alligator's body is enameled in pink and the head and back are accented with dozens of tiny pink embedded crystals. The eyes are a dark green crystal.

    This pin has the traditional style clasp. A truly magnificent pin to adorn your lapel or to hold a scarf.

    Lead safe.

    Size: 3" long
  • Silver & Crystal Alligator Necklace

    Silver & Crystal Alligator Necklace

    This is a lovely gator necklace with sparkly green crystals embedded into his silvery body.

    The alligator pendant is hung on an adjustable 16-18 inch ball chain with a lobster claw clasp.

    Size: The alligator is 1-1/4 inches long
  • Silvery Alligator Earrings

    Silvery Alligator Earrings

    Enjoy these fun alligator earrings! Whether you're a Gators fan or a reptile lover, they make a great fashion statement.

    These finely detailed alligators are made from pewter with a silvery finish, and the back ridges and scales on the alligator's back are highly detailed.

    They have stud-type backings with a clear comfort shield for pierced ears.

    Note: A dime is shown in the photo for scale.

    Size: 3/4" tall
  • Sterling Crocodile Earrings

    Sterling Crocodile Earrings

    Here's a pair of cute crocs for you!

    These tiny crocodiles are made of solid sterling silver, and have great detailing. You can see the teeth in the open mouth and the scales on the back (if you look REAL close...)

    The earrings have stud-type backings for pierced ears.

    Size: Almost 3/4" long, but most of that is very thin tail.
  • Trinket Box - Porcelain Alligator

    Trinket Box - Porcelain Alligator

    Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box - Alligator

    3 1/4 X 2 3/4 X 1 3/4 inches
  • Wooden Puzzle Box - Alligator

    Wooden Puzzle Box - Alligator

    These beautiful puzzle boxes are handmade in Vietnam. The lids of the boxes are naturally finished wood intarsia, where the sea turtle design comes from inlaid sections of different kinds of wood. Each box opens when you remove a puzzle piece and slide off the lid to reveal a small inner compartment.

    This heavy duty puzzle box with beautiful hand craftsmanship will add a touch of friendly decoration to a shelf, table, or dresser.

    Please note: Due to the authentic handcrafted manufacturing of the piece, some variations in stain color may exist. The item received could look slightly different in appearance from the image presented.

    Dimensions: L=8" W=2" H=2"