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Alligator Stationery & Desk Supplies

Looking for alligator or crocodile stickers, pencils, pens, and school supplies? Here's the place to find alligator greeting cards, calendars, auto decals, notepads, and stationery too.


  • "Crocodile Rock" Birthday Card

    "Crocodile Rock" Birthday Card

    Crocodile Rock!

    Tunes, friends, what more could you ask for? Well, dinner maybe... but I'm sure that the chick in the picture is a friend. Yes, definitely a friend!

    Inside the card says:

    On your Birthday
    let the good times

    Size: 5" x 7" (1 card with 1 green envelope)
  • "Snappy Birthday" Alligator Card

    "Snappy Birthday" Alligator Card

    Are you looking for an alligator birthday card with a snappy and elegant look?

    The card has a pale green background with confetti ribbons in bright colors swirling around a rather elegant looking alligator wearing a red party hat.

    Inside the card says, "Have a snappy birthday!"

    Size: 5" by 7", one card and one envelope
  • "Snappy Christmas" Alligator Holiday Cards (15)

    "Snappy Christmas" Alligator Holiday Cards (15)

    Don't let this alligator near your tree!

    He has a snapping (or maybe that should be snatching...) problem.

    This very green gator looks quite pleased with himself dressed up in a Santa hat with an ornament dangling from the tip of his tail and another one hanging from between his teeth.

    These fun holiday cards are designed by artist Scott Church and the message inside says:

    "Wishing you a snappy Christmas!"

    These cards were printed using 100% sustainable-harvest wood fiber and chlorine-free soy & vegetable based inks.

    Made in the USA.

    You get a box of 15 cards and 15 white envelopes, 5" x 7"
  • After a While Gator Greeting Card

    After a While Gator Greeting Card

    "See you later"
    "After a while"

    Two surfing alligators (or crocodiles?) decorate the front of this cute farewell greeting card. Inside, it says "We'll miss you." Perfect for retirements, graduations, bon voyage, moving away, or departures of all kinds!

    Size: One 5" x 7" card, one colorful envelope
  • Alligator Address Book

    Alligator Address Book

    Looking for your alligator friends? Put them in the book!

    This colorful phone & address book is decorated on the front with smiling green alligators. Inside, it has tabbed pages with spaces for names, addresses, and phone numbers.

    Size: 4" x 6", has 80 pages that hold 6 addresses per page
  • Alligator Head Stapler

    Alligator Head Stapler

    Watch out! This alligator really is capable of drawing blood.

    Hopefully though, you will keep your fingers out of the way and just let him chomp on your papers instead!

    The alligator head is made of a hard, shiny plastic in two tones of green with darker green spots on his long nose. The mouth of the gator is the stapler and the lower jaw is the hinge that moves and opens wide for refills.

    It uses standard size staples (not included.)

    Size: 5" long, 2" tall
  • Alligator Party Pencils (12)

    Alligator Party Pencils (12)

    Need some alligator pencils?

    These smiling whimsical alligators are all over the pencils in cheery colors of green, orange, blue, and purple. Perfect for party favors!

    You get a pack of 12 wood pencils, 7-1/2" long with erasers.
  • Alligator Pencils (12)

    Alligator Pencils (12)

    Need some alligator desk accessories or party favors?

    These colorful pencils have green and lavender alligators and crocodiles against a blue and yellow background. You get a pack of 12 pencils with erasers.

    Size: 12 alligator pencils with erasers, each 7-1/2" long
  • Alligator Shaped Bookmarks (24)

    Alligator Shaped Bookmarks (24)

    Make reading more fun with these awesome alligator companions!

    These alligator bookmarks are the perfect thing to encourage kids to read more. You get a pack of 24 bookmarks in an assortment of blue, green, red, and purple.

    Perfect for libraries and classrooms. Great for incentives, rewards, book clubs, and party favors!

    Also, check out the other alligator items in our "Alligator" line of party supplies through the links below.

    Size: 1 pack of 24 bookmarks, each bookmark is 6" long (not including the ribbon)
  • Colorful Alligator Pen

    Colorful Alligator Pen

    Here's an awesome alligator pen!

    The ballpoint pen has a design of green alligators on the beach with palm trees and an ocean view.

    This pen comes in 4 accent colors as shown in the detail photo below. However, this pen is sold by the single unit only so if you want a specific color or colors please put a note in the "customer notes" box when you check out. If the color is available we will send it to you, if not, you will receive one of the others.

    Size: 5-1/4" long. One black ink ball-point pen with cap.
  • Croc Party Animal Birthday Card

    Croc Party Animal Birthday Card

    Break out that inner party animal!

    This card gives a whole new perception to coming out of your shell...

    The photo shows a baby crocodile climbing out of its shell. The white egg is sitting upright in a pile of sand and is silhouetted against a black background. Below the croc's chin is the text:

    "It's your birthday."

    The card inside is cream colored and has the text:

    "Break out your inner party animal!"

    Size: 5" by 7", 1 card and 1 patterned envelope (see picture below)
  • Die-Cut Alligator Decal

    Die-Cut Alligator Decal

    Here's a great alligator sticker decal for your car window, bumper, or school locker!

    The sticker is printed on a durable mylar plastic sheet, with peel-and-stick adhesive suitable for outdoor use. It's cut out around the edges of the alligator, so you can peel off the alligator by itself or you can use the sticker with the background intact if you prefer.

    Size: 6-1/4" wide, 3-1/2" tall (as shown, including background)
  • Full-Color Reptile Stickers (17)

    Full-Color Reptile Stickers (17)

    What does a Basilisk, a Horned Toad, a Chuckwalla, and a Thorny Devil have in common?

    Well, besides having weird names, they are all reptiles. You might have guessed that, but I would be really impressed if you actually knew what they all look like! This little book is filled with realistic stickers of 17 species of reptile. Each critter has been illustrated by nature artist Sy Barlowe and make an excellent addition to your sticker collection.

    The book is printed with acid free inks, paper and adhesives. The 3 reptiles you see in the picture are 3 of the stickers inside. Great for party favors, scrapbooking, and sticking in your notebooks and journals!

    Size: Book is 4" by 5-1/4" and contains 17 full color stickers that vary from almost 2" to over 3" long

    Made in the USA

    Full list of reptile stickers:
    Snapping Turtle
    Thorny Devil
    Gila Monster
    Leatherneck Turtle
    Collared Lizard
    Galapagos Tortoise
    Jackson's Chameleon
    Tokay Gecko
    Frilled Lizard
    Horned Toad
    Box Turtle
    Komodo Dragon

  • Fun Gator Birthday Card

    Fun Gator Birthday Card

    Here's a cute gator birthday card!

    The card is designed in a collage style with a mix of patterns and colors. The alligators and the patterns on the flowers have a raised texture while the dots and some of the stripes are metallic. The reflectiveness doesn't show in the picture, but it makes a nice glittery effect when light hits it.

    Inside the card says, "Sink your teeth into a whole lot of fun, and don't stop celebrating until the day is done! Happy Birthday." See the picture below for a look at the inside of the card.

    Size: 5" by 7", one card and one envelope
  • Gator Surf Greeting Card

    Gator Surf Greeting Card

    A giant wave, a "PREDATOR" surfboard...

    What more could a gator want?

    Well, maybe we shouldn't ask that. After all, he IS wearing a big chain necklace with a shark's tooth pendant!

    This card is "tree-free", being made from the Kenaf plant and processed with no harmful chemicals. The Kenaf plant grows 15 feet in five months and is grown in North America.

    The card is blank inside and comes with a colorful envelope as shown in the lower picture.

    Size: 5" x 7" (1 card, 1 envelope)
  • Go Wild Gator Greeting Card

    Go Wild Gator Greeting Card

    Go wild!

    Three fun-loving alligators head out on a fishing trip. Looks like they're having a great time!

    Inside, the card says "Go WILD!"

    Size: One 5" x 7" greeting card, one colorful envelope
  • Grinning Gator Greetings Christmas Cards

    Grinning Gator Greetings Christmas Cards

    Don't let the gator eat ALL the Christmas presents!

    The red ornament and ribbon hanging out of the sides of the alligator's mouth do look rather suspicious, don't you think?

    These awesome Christmas cards are extra large and have a 3D texture on the front. It's pretty neat that you can feel each individual tooth and claw as well as all the bumps and scales on the gator's skin.

    Inside the card reads, "Here comes Gator Claws right down Gator Claws lane! Merry Christmas."

    Size: box of 16 cards and 17 envelopes, 5.5" by 8.25"
  • Hatching Alligator Stick'n Notes

    Hatching Alligator Stick'n Notes

    Very cute alligator sticky notes!

    This nifty notepad has a beautiful illustration of a baby alligator in the midst of hatching. It's head is sticking out one hole and its tail out another and at the base of the egg are 3 purple flowers. Written on the tail are the words, "A NOTE."

    The creamy white color of the egg in the center of the pad provides a clear space for you to write a brief message.

    Size: About 2-1/2" tall by 3-1/2" wide with approximately 35 sheets of self-adhesive notes.
  • Humorous Crocodile Birthday Card

    Humorous Crocodile Birthday Card

    Here's a cute and very funny birthday card...

    The front of the card has a photo of a crocodile half submerged in water with a pair of glasses drawn in to look like an old person's reading spectacles. Some ragged white teeth and a pink tongue have also been added.

    In a text bubble are the words, "If I was your age, I'd travel a lot!" and on the inside of the card is the rest of the comment, "Because if I was your age, I'd be luggage. Happy Birthday"

    Size: One 5" by 5" card and one colorful 5" by 7" envelope as shown in the picture below.
  • Lounging Gator Christmas Cards, Box/18

    Lounging Gator Christmas Cards, Box/18

    Greetings from the Christmas Gator!

    This big smiling alligator wears a Santa hat and lounges by the beach under a palm, with the ocean and flamingoes in the background. His sunglasses say "PEACE".

    Inside, there's a little color cameo of a beach scene on the left flap, and the card's greeting (on the right flap) says:

    "May the spirit of the season
    bring you peace."

    Size: Box of 18 cards and 18 embossed white envelopes, 5" x 7"
    $17.00 save 12%
  • Mini Pen and Key Chain Combo - Alligator

    Mini Pen and Key Chain Combo - Alligator

    "Double your pleasure, double your fun" with our double duty alligator keychain! Not only will it keep your keys organized but you'll be able to write down your favorite notes with the built in pen!

    **Actual colors on the pen may vary - the one pictured shows blue & green, some may be green & green, etc.**
  • Reptile Temporary Tattoos (10)

    Reptile Temporary Tattoos (10)

    Safe, temporary reptile tattoos!

    This little book contains 10 brilliantly colored temporary tattoos of frogs, lizards, turtles, and even a crocodile head! These aren't some artistic rendition, but realistic tattoos of real species. The inside cover of the book lists what animal each tattoo is.

    The back inside cover gives detailed instructions on how to apply them and the backside of each tattoo has the picture of the tattoo in reverse. This allows you to place the tattoo EXACTLY where you want it.

    Check out the picture below for a peek inside the book!

    Size: Book is 4" by 5-1/4" and contains 10 tattoos ranging in size from 1.5" long to 2.5" long

    Made in the USA
  • Reptiles & Amphibians Coloring Book

    Reptiles & Amphibians Coloring Book

    From polliwogs to crocodiles, this coloring book has them all!

    There are swamps, ponds, deserts, and jungles for you to explore with your crayons. You'll also learn what Boomslangs, Mud Puppies, and Hellbenders are!

    In this wonderful coloring book, you get 44 line drawings of reptiles and amphibians by nature artist Thomas C. Quirk, Jr. for you to color. There is also a full-colored illustration of each drawing on the front and back covers of the book.

    The book is full size and has a short informative paragraph about each critter. In the back of the book is an index with the scientific names as well as the common names of the reptiles and amphibians.

    Size: 8.5" by 11", 46 pages

    Made in the USA
  • Slater the Gator Mini Glass Sculpture

    Slater the Gator Mini Glass Sculpture

    Slater the Gator lives in a freshwater pond. He is known for his southern hospitality, inviting other animals to join him for a swim. Slater is well adapted to his environment which is why he’s nearly the same as his ancestors from 200 million years ago. He loves to float on the surface of the water so birds can land on his back and chat. His birthday is November 28, 2011. Each tiny sculpture comes in a clear plastic case with a magnifying glass cap. Sculpture is very small, approximately 3/4 inch.

    Looking Glass sculptures are hand crafted using glass rods. They are heated and melted by a gas-powered torch. The torch worker has a high degree of control over how soft the glass becomes, as a result they're able to create pieces with immaculate detail and complexity.
  • Snappy Alligator Birthday Balloons- Set of 3

    Snappy Alligator Birthday Balloons- Set of 3

    Little Alligator Birthday Mylar Balloons. Includes two 17 1/2" round balloons and one 16" x 26" party hat-shaped balloon. (3 pcs./set)
  • Snappy Alligator Valentine Cards (12)

    Snappy Alligator Valentine Cards (12)

    Be mine!

    I've got really sharp teeth... Just ignore the red hearts forming the ridges on my back and the nostrils on my snout. I'm serious, be mine!

    So get aggressive this year about giving out your Valentine's Day cards to everyone who's special to you with these Snappy Alligator cards.

    You get 3 each of 4 differents designs with red and pink hearts and green alligators on them. Text on the cards include "'Snappy' Valentine's Day", "'Al' Be Yours", "No 'Gator' Love Than You" and "Wild About You". On the back side of each card is a heart with "To" and "From" text.

    Check out the matching Valentine stickers through the link below.

    Size: 1 pack of 12 cards, 3.5" by 4.5"
  • Snappy Alligator Valentine Sticker Roll (100)

    Snappy Alligator Valentine Sticker Roll (100)

    These snappy alligators really know how to stick!

    Maybe the teeth help? Nah, they'd never do that... not with red hearts forming the ridges on their backs and the nostrils on their snouts. They are actually just lovey dovey gators!

    There's lots of love on this roll of 100 Valentine's Day stickers. Use these stickers to seal up cards or just add that extra touch. You get a variety of designs with red and pink hearts with green alligators on them. Text on the stickers include "Wild About You", "Snappy Valentine's Day" and "'Al' Be Yours".

    Check out the matching Valentine's cards through the link below.

    Size: 1 roll of 100 stickers, each 1.5" wide
  • Snappy Croc Christmas Cards (box of 10)

    Snappy Croc Christmas Cards (box of 10)

    Send some snazzy croc cards for Christmas this year!

    This card has a cameo of a crocodile wearing a Santa hat and carrying golf clubs. There is a tropical sky behind him with a palm tree. The border of the cameo is made of holly leaves and berries with a tiny mouse peeking over the edge.

    The card says, "Merry Christmas" on the front and inside says, "... and Snappy New Year!"

    The designer envelopes are white with speckles of color and a few gold stars.

    Size: 1 box of 10 cards and 10 envelopes, cards are 5" by 7"
  • Tailgators Greeting Card

    Tailgators Greeting Card

    Ready for a party? The Tailgators are!

    This fun card shows alligators drinking beer and barbecuing snacks. Inside, the card says "Party On!"

    It's a perfect card for announcing a party, or for thanking your friends for a great party, or just for greeting your fellow Tailgaters or reptile lovers.

    Size: One 5" x 7" card and one envelope.
  • Trinket Box - Porcelain Alligator

    Trinket Box - Porcelain Alligator

    Porcelain Hinged Trinket Box - Alligator

    3 1/4 X 2 3/4 X 1 3/4 inches
  • Waterglobe - Alligator 65mm

    Waterglobe - Alligator 65mm

    Catch this lovely little alligator waterglobe for your collection.

    Made of resin, this small globe has a beautifully detailed base and interior. Rocks and greenery around the base include a second 'gator floating in the water.

    When you shake the globe, the liquid inside has shiny glitter in it that swirls around.

    Size: 3-1/2" tall, globe is about 2-1/2" across

    FREEZE NOTICE: Shipping a sno-globe during sub-freezing weather can cause the globe to freeze and break if the package experiences very cold weather either in transit or in a mail box or on a porch. We advise caution when ordering during cold months. Turtlemax.com is not liable for sno-globe breakage and/or damage to order contents due to freezing.

  • Wild Looks Alligator Pen

    Wild Looks Alligator Pen

    Novelty Bug Eye Pens are perfect for party favors, stocking stuffers and small gifts. The unique designs of these fun pens make the ordinary task of writing notes more entertaining. Each pen features a brightly colored alligator top which sits on a smooth writing ball point pen base.

    The Alligator Bug Eye Novelty Ball Point Pen Collection is just plain freaky! Squeeze the animal on top and their eyes pop out. The eyes roll around as you write. These pens make writing an eye-popping experience! They can also double as a stress reliever, so you can squeeze stress away as your write! Why use a regular pen when you could be writing with an Alligator novelty pen? Bring a bunch of pens to your next gathering and make people happy!

    - Soft and squishy alligator on top of smooth writing ball point pens
    - Squeeze their rubbery heads and watch the eyes bug out
    - Medium point nib, black ink
    - Individual dimensions: 6.75 x 1.75 x 1.5 inches