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Alligators for Garden and Outdoors

Looking for alligators to decorate your garden? Here's where you'll find alligator signs, flags, statues, and other alligator and crocodile decor for your lawn, pool, or garden.


  • Flocked Bobbleheaded Alligator -  Brown or Green

    Flocked Bobbleheaded Alligator - Brown or Green

    Looking for a gator to help guide you while driving?

    This alligator loves to sit on your dashboard as you drive. Ask him a question, and watch his head bobble up and down. "Will we get there on time?" His head nods agreeably. "Hey you, are we lost?" Most likely he will nod again, laughing hysterically. Because he is an alligator.

    The bobble head gator has a fuzzy flocked surface and comes in either a dark green or pale brown. His head hangs from a little hook inside his body (you'll have to hook it on after he arrives), so it swings freely and nods when he's bumped. He looks outstanding on a desk, shelf, or on your dashboard. He even comes with a little foam peel-n-stick tab that you can use to help keep him in place.

    Size: 8" long, 1-1/2" tall

    Sold by the single piece. Select color from drop down menu below.
  • Inflatable Alligator 48"

    Inflatable Alligator 48"

    Was that an alligator that just went by?

    This large green gator is inflatable vinyl, so you can hang him from the ceiling or toss him in the pool. Shouldn't everyone have an alligator in their pool?

    He makes a great decoration for parties or for alligator-themed events.

    Size: 4 feet long