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Alligators for Holidays, Weddings & Celebrations

Looking for alligator Christmas cards, or crocodile holiday tree ornaments? Here's the place to find alligator and crocodile specialties for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and other special occasions.


  • "Snappy Christmas" Alligator Holiday Cards (15)

    "Snappy Christmas" Alligator Holiday Cards (15)

    Don't let this alligator near your tree!

    He has a snapping (or maybe that should be snatching...) problem.

    This very green gator looks quite pleased with himself dressed up in a Santa hat with an ornament dangling from the tip of his tail and another one hanging from between his teeth.

    These fun holiday cards are designed by artist Scott Church and the message inside says:

    "Wishing you a snappy Christmas!"

    These cards were printed using 100% sustainable-harvest wood fiber and chlorine-free soy & vegetable based inks.

    Made in the USA.

    You get a box of 15 cards and 15 white envelopes, 5" x 7"
  • Amazing Alligator Hat

    Amazing Alligator Hat

    Isn't this an amazing alligator hat?

    If you need a costume in a hurry, or want to liven up a party, this is the hat for you. Turn yourself from a plain, boring human into a snappy, snazzy alligator in seconds!

    The hat is made from polyester and is stretchy enough to fit most head sizes. The gator head is a swamp green with black spots and is padded to give it a real alligator shape. The yellow eyes and white teeth are a soft terrycloth and the red tongue is felt.

    Great for Halloween and costume parties!

    Size: One size fits all, gator head length is about 12 inches. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • Glass Crocodile Ornament

    Glass Crocodile Ornament

    Highly detailed; great sparkle; nature; zoo; adventure. All ornaments are made of glass, mouth blown and hand decorated in Poland using age-old methods.

    *Please note 1 glass ornament per purchase; image shows 6.
  • Green Alligator Sequined Ornament

    Green Alligator Sequined Ornament

    Hand made sequined & beaded ornament will add a touch of sparkle anywhere.

    Art Studio Company travels the world bringing you socially conscious hand crafted goods. Our focus is on the highest of quality, earth friendly materials and workmanship. All of our Hand Made accessories are made in small villages and benefit the local people of these communities. Art Studio Company also donates a portion of all proceeds to help an endangered species.

    Each ornament starts with a silk material base and stitched one sequin and one seedbead at a time. After the base is completely and fully covered with sequins/beads add a second layer of silk to the back along with some additional bead work.

    A hanging loop is added as well that you can utilize to add a ornament hook, ribbon, or a length of fishing line to hang them anywhere you would like.

    Please note: each ornament is hand stitched so one may look slightly different than the other.

    Approximate dimensions: L=5 3/4" W=1/2" H=1"
  • Grinning Alligator Glass Ornament

    Grinning Alligator Glass Ornament

    Deck the Halls with alligators... yes, Alligators!

    Or at least deck your tree in one. This grinning alligator ornament is made from lightweight green glass. The gator's green body is decorated with a dark green glitter between its scales and a gold glitter to accent the legs and the ridges on the spine.

    This alligator would love to become a collectible ornament for your family's holiday tradition. It comes in a handsome gift box, and is from the Noble Gems collection of Kurt S. Adler.

    Size: 5-1/2" long, 1-1/2" tall
  • Grinning Gator Greetings Christmas Cards

    Grinning Gator Greetings Christmas Cards

    Don't let the gator eat ALL the Christmas presents!

    The red ornament and ribbon hanging out of the sides of the alligator's mouth do look rather suspicious, don't you think?

    These awesome Christmas cards are extra large and have a 3D texture on the front. It's pretty neat that you can feel each individual tooth and claw as well as all the bumps and scales on the gator's skin.

    Inside the card reads, "Here comes Gator Claws right down Gator Claws lane! Merry Christmas."

    Size: box of 16 cards and 17 envelopes, 5.5" by 8.25"
  • Hammered Copper Alligator Ornament

    Hammered Copper Alligator Ornament

    Here's an awesome Mr. Gator ornament!

    Mr. Gator is made from thin pieces of metal that have been cut, bent, and molded. The body of the gator is copper with a border of golden brass and the head and legs are also a golden metal color.

    The ornament has a small metal hook so it is easy to hang anywhere. Looks great on walls, doors, trees, and windows!

    Size: Mr. Gator is appx. 6 inches long
  • Lounging Gator Christmas Cards, Box/18

    Lounging Gator Christmas Cards, Box/18

    Greetings from the Christmas Gator!

    This big smiling alligator wears a Santa hat and lounges by the beach under a palm, with the ocean and flamingoes in the background. His sunglasses say "PEACE".

    Inside, there's a little color cameo of a beach scene on the left flap, and the card's greeting (on the right flap) says:

    "May the spirit of the season
    bring you peace."

    Size: Box of 18 cards and 18 embossed white envelopes, 5" x 7"
    $17.00 save 12%
  • Santa on a Alligator Ornament

    Santa on a Alligator Ornament

    This Santa is traveling in style!

    Why ride a reindeer when you can straddle a gator? Great way to make sure the other presents stay safe while he's crawling down a chimney to deliver one.

    This adorable ornament of Santa in his red suit riding an alligator is made of sturdy resin and is hand painted. The sparkly presents on the gator's tail are so cute...

    Size: About 2" tall and 4.5" long, plus a small rope-like cord for hanging.
  • Snappy Alligator Birthday Balloons- Set of 3

    Snappy Alligator Birthday Balloons- Set of 3

    Little Alligator Birthday Mylar Balloons. Includes two 17 1/2" round balloons and one 16" x 26" party hat-shaped balloon. (3 pcs./set)
  • Snappy Alligator Cupcake Boxes (12)

    Snappy Alligator Cupcake Boxes (12)

    Give party guests something to chomp on, on the go with these adorable Snappy Alligator Cupcake Boxes. Place your favorite flavor cupcake in these orange and white polka dot cupcake boxes and let them tote their tasty treats in snappy style. Pre-printed with "Snappy Birthday!" Each includes a cellophane window and a small handle. Paper. 4" x 4" x 4" Simple assembly required. Set of 12.
  • Snappy Alligator Valentine Cards (12)

    Snappy Alligator Valentine Cards (12)

    Be mine!

    I've got really sharp teeth... Just ignore the red hearts forming the ridges on my back and the nostrils on my snout. I'm serious, be mine!

    So get aggressive this year about giving out your Valentine's Day cards to everyone who's special to you with these Snappy Alligator cards.

    You get 3 each of 4 differents designs with red and pink hearts and green alligators on them. Text on the cards include "'Snappy' Valentine's Day", "'Al' Be Yours", "No 'Gator' Love Than You" and "Wild About You". On the back side of each card is a heart with "To" and "From" text.

    Check out the matching Valentine stickers through the link below.

    Size: 1 pack of 12 cards, 3.5" by 4.5"
  • Snappy Alligator Valentine Sticker Roll (100)

    Snappy Alligator Valentine Sticker Roll (100)

    These snappy alligators really know how to stick!

    Maybe the teeth help? Nah, they'd never do that... not with red hearts forming the ridges on their backs and the nostrils on their snouts. They are actually just lovey dovey gators!

    There's lots of love on this roll of 100 Valentine's Day stickers. Use these stickers to seal up cards or just add that extra touch. You get a variety of designs with red and pink hearts with green alligators on them. Text on the stickers include "Wild About You", "Snappy Valentine's Day" and "'Al' Be Yours".

    Check out the matching Valentine's cards through the link below.

    Size: 1 roll of 100 stickers, each 1.5" wide
  • Snappy Croc Christmas Cards (box of 10)

    Snappy Croc Christmas Cards (box of 10)

    Send some snazzy croc cards for Christmas this year!

    This card has a cameo of a crocodile wearing a Santa hat and carrying golf clubs. There is a tropical sky behind him with a palm tree. The border of the cameo is made of holly leaves and berries with a tiny mouse peeking over the edge.

    The card says, "Merry Christmas" on the front and inside says, "... and Snappy New Year!"

    The designer envelopes are white with speckles of color and a few gold stars.

    Size: 1 box of 10 cards and 10 envelopes, cards are 5" by 7"