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Bob the Bobbleheaded Treefrog

Bob the Bobbleheaded Treefrog

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Meet Bob, the most agreeable frog you'll ever find!

He loves to sit on your dashboard as you drive. Ask him a question, and watch his head bobble. "Bob, will we get there on time?" His head nods agreeably. "Bob, are we lost?" His head shakes from side to side, and suddenly you feel so much better!

Bob is a colorful red-eyed treefrog with a fuzzy flocked surface. His head hangs from a little hook inside his body (you'll have to hook it on after he arrives), so it swings freely and nods when he's bumped. He looks outstanding on a desk, shelf, or on your dashboard. He even comes with a little foam peel-n-stick tab that you can use to help keep him in place.

The frog has a tag saying "Adult novelty only. Not suitable for ages 18 and under." (Please do not be concerned, Bob does not have any socially-unacceptable features.)

Size: 5" long, 2-1/2" tall

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