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Boxed Dark Chocolate Frogs, pk/8

Boxed Dark Chocolate Frogs, pk/8

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Delicious little frogs! These lovely little dark chocolate frogs are glazed green with elegant chocolate and yellow drizzles and speckles, and they taste as good as they look! You get a small clear-topped box that contains 8 yummy frogs. The boxes make excellent frog wedding favors or frog party favors, frog stocking stuffers, gift toppers, valentines day frog gifts or neat little "thank-you" gifts. The little frogs would look fantastic as wedding cake decorations or frog birthday cake decorations too, or put one on top of each iced cupcake or iced cookie. Size: Box of 8 frogs (4 frogs in a double layer) is 4" wide: each frog is about 1-1/8" long. Net wt. 1 ounce dark chocolate. Note: Frogs are drizzled by hand and patterns will vary. Some have yellow and chocolate drizzles and some have only the chocolate drizzle. May contain milk, peanuts, or soy. Please contact us 3-6 weeks in advance if you will be needing to special order large quantities for a wedding or party!

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