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Gavin the Gecko Mini Glass Sculpture

Gavin the Gecko Mini Glass Sculpture

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Gavin the Gecko loves to stick onto walls. Some may consider this a super hero power but if Gavin could have his choice, he’d want x-ray vision. Being nocturnal, Gavin often bumps his toes in the dark. Enchiladas are his favorite food and he likes to listen to jazz music. Gavin is always cheerful and relaxed. His birthday is February 1, 2009. Each tiny sculpture comes in a clear plastic case with a magnifying glass cap. Sculpture is very small, approximately 3/4 inch.

Looking Glass sculptures are hand crafted using glass rods. They are heated and melted by a gas-powered torch. The torch worker has a high degree of control over how soft the glass becomes, as a result they're able to create pieces with immaculate detail and complexity.

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