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Glow-in-the-Dark Lizard Tattoos (6)

Glow-in-the-Dark Lizard Tattoos (6)

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Glowing lizards are fabulous!

This little book contains 6 colorful temporary tattoos that glow in the dark! These aren't cartoon lizards, but realistic tattoos of: 1) Frilled Lizard, 2) Leopard Gecko, 3) Green Iguana, 4) Komodo Dragon, 5) Flying Dragon, 6) Panther Chameleon (see detail picture below.)

The back inside cover gives detailed instructions on how to apply them and the backside of each tattoo has the picture of the tattoo in reverse. This allows you to place the tattoo EXACTLY where you want it.

These tattoos are non-toxic and waterproof against soap and water. You can use baby oil or rubbing alcohol to remove the tattoos or they will wear off after a few days.

Size: Book is 4" by 5-1/4" and contains 6 tattoos about 2-1/2" long

Made in the USA

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