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Lamps, Nightlights, Candles

We have reptile-themed lamps and nightlights, and also candles and candleholders featuring frogs, turtles, snakes, lizards, and alligators.


  • Enamel and Brass Turtle Candle Snuffer

    Enamel and Brass Turtle Candle Snuffer

    Don't blow out that candle!

    Or use your fingers...

    Use this elegant brass turtle to gently snuff your candles. The shell on the tortoise is enameled in brown glass to give it a glossy shine and the eyes are are two tiny green crystals.

    Size: Wand is 8" long and the turtle on brass snuffer is 1.5" tall
  • Green Sea Turtle Swimming Glass Night Light

    Green Sea Turtle Swimming Glass Night Light

    Hand made product using recaptured fused glass. Each piece is designed in the USA, made in Ecuador and then assembled in the USA. Night Light Dimensions 4.3 x 5.3 inches
  • Sea Turtle Green Nightlight

    Sea Turtle Green Nightlight

    Cute and friendly is what this turtle is.

    Just the kind of friend you need to provide a little light at night! The sea turtle is made of translucent material that allows the light to glow through the blue and green colors.

    Uses the small nightlight type bulb (1 bulb included with the turtle light). To replace the bulb, just twist the base until the tabs line up with the slots at the edge of the base opening.

    Size: 5 inches tall
  • Silvery Turtle Candle Holder

    Silvery Turtle Candle Holder

    Let this turtle light the way! Or... at least your dinner table.

    This silvery turtle is made from cast metal with an antique-silver finish, and has a flower-like holder for a standard taper candle on top of its shell.

    Candle not included.

    Size: about 3" tall and 4" long, candle socket is 3/4" across
  • Stained Glass Smiling Turtle Nightlight

    Stained Glass Smiling Turtle Nightlight

    Don't bump around in the dark!

    This smiling turtle makes a great guardian for safely getting around at night. Its bright smiling face is also very reassuring when the night seems just a little TOO dark...

    Made of stained glass, the turtle swivels on the base.

    One light bulb is included.

    Size: 4" x 4.5"