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Lucky Peace Turtle Charm

Lucky Peace Turtle Charm

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Feeling like your world is chaotic? Maybe this lucky peace turtle charm can help!

This cute little pewter turtle is solid cast metal with the peace sign on its shell. The shell is accented with a blue-green enamel. It comes in a small black velveteen drawstring bag, with a small card that reads:

Luck Peace Turtle Charm:

The small little turtle
Is especially for you
Bringing you peace
The whole day through

The symbol he carries
Holds a special wish
For a life filled with peace
And much happiness

This little charm may be carried in a pocket or placed on a shelf to help bring peace wherever you are.

The Lucky Peace Turtle Charm makes a great gift favor for parties, wedding showers and church study groups. See detail photo below for a view of the bagged charm with its card.

Size: Turtle is about 1" long.

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