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Miniature Raku Ceramic Turtle Bottle

Miniature Raku Ceramic Turtle Bottle

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This is a beautiful turtle bottle done in the Raku style of pottery.

The Raku style was developed by a family of potters from Japan during the late 1500s. The critical techniques that give the pottery its unique look involve firing the pieces at low temperatures and interrupting the firing process. The techniques result in every piece being unique in coloring and pattern.

This type of bottle is what is traditionally known as a "poison bottle." Traditional Raku methods used lead in the glaze so in the past it could truly have been a poisonous bottle. But fortunately modern potters have stopped using lead, so this lovely turtle bottle is perfectly safe.

The bottle is sealed with natural cork at the top and has 2 holes for threading a cord through so that is can be used as a necklace. You can place little rolled up notes inside, or a tiny piece of cloth infused with your favorite perfume or essential oils. You could also put tiny gemstones or spices inside. Get creative about it! Just don't use poison... please?

Size: 1-3/4" long, 1" wide, comes in a black velveteen bag
(see closeup photo below)

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