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Resin Figurines

Add some fun reptile figurines to your collection! Resin figurines are often also called "polystone" or "porcelon" or other trade names, and are made from stone or marble powders cold-cast with a polymer binder. We have snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards & geckos, and alligators & crocodiles!


  • Assorted Turtle Friends

    Assorted Turtle Friends

    Turtles, turtles, everywhere!

    Put one on your shelf. Put one in your plant pot. Put one on your desk. Hey, why not put them everywhere?

    Here's a bunch of little turtle friends. The turtle figurines are made from a durable resin and are hand painted. Although the pose is the same for all of the turtles, there are a variety of patterns. Even the same overall pattern will show subtle differences.

    You may wonder why I am talking about multitudes of turtles when the picture shows only one? And the answer is...

    You order by the SINGLE turtle!

    Although we can't guarantee exactly which one you'll get, if you order more than 1, we WILL try to get you different patterns. You can check out some of the various patterns in the picture below.

    Size: About 1-3/4" long, 3/4" tall
  • Chinese Turtle Dragon

    Chinese Turtle Dragon

    Long life and prosperity to you!

    This lovely figurine is made from a heavy resin and painted with a deep red lacquer. In Chinese mythology, the dragon and the tortoise are 2 of the most powerful symbols of wisdom, success, and longevity.

    Traditionally the figurine is of a tortoise with a dragon's head standing on a pile of coins. A turtle stands on the back of the tortoise and the dragon's mouth holds a coin. We do not include a coin with this dragon, but you can provide your own and wedge it into the mouth if you like.

    Size: About 3.25" long and 2.5" tall
  • Four Mini Sea Turtles w/Babies

    Four Mini Sea Turtles w/Babies

    It's like a waterbabies class!

    Four teeny tiny mama sea turtles with babies on their backs... headed for the wide blue sea.

    Made from resin, each of these 4 mini figurines are unique in coloring and very, very cute!

    Size: Set of 4, each mini turtle is just over an inch long. Super Tiny!
  • Funny Frolicking Turtle Figurines

    Funny Frolicking Turtle Figurines

    Aren't these turtles cute?

    These green and brown turtles come in 6 adorable frolicking positions. Each figurine has an associated letter as shown in the picture to the left.

    A- This turtle is either cheering his friends or teasing them with a ,"Nyah, nyah! Can't catch me!"
    B- "I'm not hiding anything behind my back. Nope. Nothing here."
    C- "Hmmm... if you guess what is behind my back, I'll give it to you."
    D- This turtle might be saying either, "Help me up!" or "Come on over and join me."
    E- Obviously loves to crawl around on the ground.
    F- Definitely wondering what kind of mischief he can get into next.

    The figurines are sold by the single turtle only, so if you want to buy the whole set you will need to select each of the 6 styles (A, B, C, D, E, and F) and place them in your cart one at a time.

    Size: About 3 inches tall or long depending on the style.

    See drop down menu below to select the style.
  • Little Alligator Figurine

    Little Alligator Figurine

    Blimey! It's a 'gator!

    This detailed resin figurine of an alligator will make an awesome addition to your collection! With its delicate shadings of grays, yellows, and beige, this gator is very realistic looking.

    Size: 5" long, 1" high
  • Little Orange and Black Turtle Figurine

    Little Orange and Black Turtle Figurine

    What a lovely little turtle!

    His shell is a semi-glossy orange, yellow and black, and his body is green with tan/orange highlights.

    This handsome turtle figurine can be used indoors or outdoors. He looks so real, you almost expect him to move! Put him in your turtle collection, or on a shelf, or in the potted plants or the rock garden.

    The turtle is made from a polystone ceramic composite material. If you place him outside, you may want to bring him in before it freezes for the winter.

    Size: 4-1/2" long, 2" tall
  • Music-Box Frog Figurine

    Music-Box Frog Figurine

    How about a musical frog to brighten your day?

    This music box plays an instrumental version of "You Are My Sunshine" and features a green frog sitting on a pink lotus flower.

    Just wind it up on the bottom and it will play. No batteries required!

    Size: about 4" high
  • Piggyback Turtle Mom & Baby

    Piggyback Turtle Mom & Baby

    How sweet!

    This baby tortoise is getting a piggyback ride from her Mom. Turtle bonding at its best!

    The legs, heads, and tails of these two turtles are a dark olive green and their shells are brown. And just look at those adorable smiles!

    This figurine is made from resin and has a cute little ladybug at the base of the turtle's feet.

    Size: almost 4" tall
  • Small Chinese Red Lacquer Turtle

    Small Chinese Red Lacquer Turtle

    A lovely turtle!

    This turtle figurine is made from a durable resin and painted with a deep red lacquer. In Chinese mythology, the turtle symbolizes wisdom and longevity.

    A great figurine to place in your office or next to a potted plant at home!

    Size: About 2.25" long and 1" tall
  • Tumbling Turtle Mom & Baby

    Tumbling Turtle Mom & Baby

    How cute!

    This Mama tortoise is tumbling around and playing with Baby! She's got Baby pushed above her in an "airplane" ride. Those big smiles show just how much fun they're having.

    The bodies of these two turtles are mottled green and their shells are brown.

    This fun turtle figurine is made from resin and has a cute little ladybug at the base of the turtle's feet.

    Size: 3-1/2" tall
  • Turtle Mom with Baby Riding

    Turtle Mom with Baby Riding

    How charming!

    The baby tortoise is riding on the back of Mom. And they both look very happy about it... just check out those big smiles.

    The legs, heads, and tails of these two turtles are mottled green and their shells are brown.

    This fun turtle figurine is made from resin.

    Size: 3-1/2" tall
  • Waterglobe - Alligator 65mm

    Waterglobe - Alligator 65mm

    Catch this lovely little alligator waterglobe for your collection.

    Made of resin, this small globe has a beautifully detailed base and interior. Rocks and greenery around the base include a second 'gator floating in the water.

    When you shake the globe, the liquid inside has shiny glitter in it that swirls around.

    Size: 3-1/2" tall, globe is about 2-1/2" across

    FREEZE NOTICE: Shipping a sno-globe during sub-freezing weather can cause the globe to freeze and break if the package experiences very cold weather either in transit or in a mail box or on a porch. We advise caution when ordering during cold months. Turtlemax.com is not liable for sno-globe breakage and/or damage to order contents due to freezing.

  • Webkinz Mach-1 Turtle Aviator

    Webkinz Mach-1 Turtle Aviator

    Look out, Red Baron! Here comes Mach-One Turtle!

    This adorable turtle aviator figurine wears goggles and an aviator cap and a red scarf. Now all he needs is a biplane and a mission!

    Put him on top of a cake, or use as a gift topper or stocking stuffer for your favorite pilot or airplane enthusiast. Makes a fun party favor too! He's made from a durable plastic.

    Mach One Turtle is also a Webkinz pal. He comes with a code you can use to get a special online gift for your Webkinz pet.

    Size: 1-5/8" tall, 1-1/4" wide
  • Whimsical Turtle with Butterfly

    Whimsical Turtle with Butterfly

    Cute, cute, cute!

    This little turtle is very adorable. He is an olive green color with tan splotches on his shell. He is looking over his shoulder at the purple butterfly hovering above his shell.

    The figurine is made from resin and is part of the Blossom Bucket line of collectible figurines.

    Size: 2-3/4 inches high