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Sea Turtle Glass Ashtray

Sea Turtle Glass Ashtray

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A great way to add a turtle accent to your table decor!

This beautiful sea turtle will be happy to keep your cigarette ashes safe and secure inside this thick glass ashtray.

The sea turtle image is fused into the bottom of the ashtray and reflects up through the clear glass. The design features a large brown sea turtle in the center that is swimming next to brightly colored ocean plants.

Size: 3-1/4" across, 1-3/8" deep

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    Blue Glass Sea Turtle Tray

    Here's an lovely sea turtle tray for your table.

    The tray is made of clear glass with with the design fused to the underside making it look like blue glass and giving depth to the artwork. The sea turtle is a reddish brown color and swimming among green ocean plants.

    The tray makes a great candy and serving dish!

    Size: 5-3/4" square, tray is about 1/2" high, 1/8" thick, and rises like a shallow bowl at the sides.


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