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Silicone Turtle Pull Apart Cupcake Mold

Silicone Turtle Pull Apart Cupcake Mold

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Have a turtlely awesome party by making a turtle shaped cake!

This easy to use cake pan lets you make a cake that is sure to impress at your next party. Everyone will be delighted by the turtle shape of this cake. And what is even better is that the cake is actually made from 12 individual cupcakes that you can pull apart and serve without any messy cutting!

It just takes 4 easy steps to a yummy turtle cake: bake, release, align, and decorate. The decorating may take a little time, but it's also the most fun! See the detailed picture below for an illustration.

Just wash the silicone pan (mold) in soapy water and dry it off thoroughly before the first use and lightly grease the inside of the pan with your first cake. For perfect release every time you may lightly grease the cups before using.

Size: Pan is 13" long and 10" wide

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