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Snakes in Design Silk Necktie

Snakes in Design Silk Necktie

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Need some subtle snakes?

This beautifully designed snake tie is just what you need. The pattern of these side-winding snakes on a dark red background is ingenious. Each navy blue snake is outlined in dark yellow. This extra touch really brightens up the tie!

Each row of snakes are at a diagonal and where the rows meet, the snakes meet either head to head or tail to tail. Check out the detail picture below to see a close up of the pattern.

This snake tie is classy enough to wear anywhere! Weddings, business meetings, or even meeting the President! Although you may not wish to point out to anyone that you actually have dozens of snakes on you...

This tie is hand made from 100% silk fabric and there are 2 flat loops on the underside to slide the narrow end of the tie through so that it stays in place.

Size: 59" total length, 4" at the widest point

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