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Statuary, pots, and pot decor

Looking for reptiles (and frogs) for your garden? Here's the place to find garden statuary, flowerpots, pot feet, and pot hangers that are turtles, snakes, lizards, alligators, and frogs.


  • Frogs Reading Shelf Sitter

    Frogs Reading Shelf Sitter

    Reading is one of the best things you can do with your little froggy!

    The child and parent pair are sitting on a lily pad and reading a book together for some great bonding time.

    This decorative figurine sits nicely on a shelf edge, a stack of books or on top of your computer.

    The figurine is made from cast aluminum with a verdigris finish that gives it a weathered bronze look. The cast aluminum is weather resistant so you can also place it outside in your garden.

    Size: 7" tall
  • Green Turtle Glass Accents, pk/24

    Green Turtle Glass Accents, pk/24

    Looking for some cute little turtles?

    These charming glass turtles have little round shells and big eyes that stick out from their heads. They come in a variety of shades of green and pearlescent green.

    Put them in the potted plants, along the windowsill, scattered across your desk, among the confetti for a table decoration, in your aquarium, or on a package as a lovely gift topper.

    Size: Each little turtle is about 1" long. You get a set of 24. Not intended as a toy.
  • Little Orange and Black Turtle Figurine

    Little Orange and Black Turtle Figurine

    What a lovely little turtle!

    His shell is a semi-glossy orange, yellow and black, and his body is green with tan/orange highlights.

    This handsome turtle figurine can be used indoors or outdoors. He looks so real, you almost expect him to move! Put him in your turtle collection, or on a shelf, or in the potted plants or the rock garden.

    The turtle is made from a polystone ceramic composite material. If you place him outside, you may want to bring him in before it freezes for the winter.

    Size: 4-1/2" long, 2" tall
  • Metalwork Garden Turtle with Flower

    Metalwork Garden Turtle with Flower

    Add a smile to your garden!

    This whimsical turtle is made from shaped and welded metal, and painted in glossy speckled enamels. He holds a pink metal flower for you. His shell is brown with yellow speckles.

    Size: 6-3/4" tall, 4-3/4" wide x 3" deep
  • Mosaic Handstand Turtle Plant Pot Pick

    Mosaic Handstand Turtle Plant Pot Pick

    Put a silly turtle in your garden!

    Of course, if you could do a handstand as well as this turtle can, you probably wouldn't think it silly...

    The turtle on this awesome pot pick is made from clay and has sparkly bits of glass embedded into its shell in a mosaic pattern. The edge of the shell is glazed in natural green and brown colors.

    This garden stake is great for both your outside plants and your indoor ones!

    Size: Turtle is 3 inches tall on a 6-8 inch stake.