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Tree Frogs: Lily Pad Party Game

Tree Frogs: Lily Pad Party Game

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Musical lily pads anyone?

A new twist on the classic musical chairs game! Just place these lily pads on the floor in a circle and have the players walk to the outside of them when the music starts. When the music stops, everyone needs to jump on a lily pad instead of sitting in a chair. For extra fun, make them hop instead of walk!

An alternate use is for teachers to use them in the classroom for kids to sit on during storytime. A great way to keep each kid in their own space. They can be used for table placemats at a party, or for table decorations too!

You get a pack of 15 paperboard lily pads with a design of two tree frogs on them. Enough for 16 players.

Size: Pack of 15 cutouts, 11.5" x 12"

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