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Turtle Necklaces

We have turtle, tortoise, and sea turtle necklaces. Choose from gold or silver finishes, sterling silver, or accents of Austrian crystal, abalone shell, or lustrous enamels.


  • "Aloha" Glass Art Sea Turtle Necklace

    "Aloha" Glass Art Sea Turtle Necklace

    Truly lovely!

    This shimmering glass art pendant hangs from a gold-plated chain. The little sea turtle has accents of real gold around the edges of his flippers, and eyes of sparkling blue Austrian crystals. On his back there's a gold outline of a hibiscus flower, and his body is in soft shades of aqua blue.

    Size: Turtle is about 1-3/8" tall, on an 18" gold-plated chain

    See link below to a matching "Aloha" sea turtle figurine.
  • Beaded Turtle Necklace

    Beaded Turtle Necklace

    Great beadwork on this turtle necklace!

    By using different colors of beads, the pattern really stands out on this turtle. It's got darker beads around the edge of the turtle's shell and pale amber beads divide the green of the turtle's shell. The belly of the turtle is a black velvet and very soft to touch.

    Check out the matching earrings and pin through the link below.

    Size: About 18" necklace, pendant is 1-1/2" tall.
  • Blue Cabochon Turtle Necklace in Turtle Box

    Blue Cabochon Turtle Necklace in Turtle Box

    Here's a cute turtle necklace!

    And it's not only a cute necklace but comes in a very cute turtle box!

    The turtle pendant has a blue cabochon for its shell and blue crystals for its head and legs. It hangs from a 17" silver colored chain.

    The necklace comes in a wonderful dark green flocked turtle-shaped jewelry box. You can use the box to keep your necklace in or it makes an excellent gift box!

    Size: Pendant is 7/8" tall on a 17" chain, turtle box is 2" long.
  • Brown Velvet Beaded Turtle Amulet Necklace

    Brown Velvet Beaded Turtle Amulet Necklace

    This is a very luxurious velvet amulet necklace with a beaded turtle on the front!

    Exquisite bead work decorates the deep brown velvet of this tiny purse. Most of the glass beads are a dark iridescent with some light brown and pale green.

    The purse is lined inside with chocolate brown satin and has a zippered closure at the top to keep the contents safe. Many people use an amulet necklace to hold precious stones, metal charms or dried sacred herbs. It's also handy for holding spare change, car keys, jewelry, and other small items.

    A fringe of dangly glass and wood beads hangs from the bottom of the purse and the beaded "chain" is about 30 inches long. For most people this lets the little bag rest in front of the heart area.

    Size: the amulet purse is 3" high and about 3" wide.
  • Colorful Abstract Turtle Earrings and Pendant Set

    Colorful Abstract Turtle Earrings and Pendant Set

    This is a wonderful sea turtle jewelry set with a colorful, abstract design!

    The turtles are made from a silvery metal and enameled in bright, cheerful colors with black borders to make them stand out. The set comes with a pair of earrings on standard ear wires and a larger pendant which you can put on a chain. Chain is NOT included.

    Size: Pendant is 2-1/4", earrings are 1-1/2" total length
  • Crystal Turtle Necklace in Turtle Box

    Crystal Turtle Necklace in Turtle Box

    Here's a cute little turtle necklace, in a fun turtle-shaped box!

    The turtle pendant has a green crystal body and clear crystals for legs and head, and it comes in a little flocked velvet green turtle-shaped box. The back of the turtle opens to reveal the necklace.

    Size: Pendant is 3/4" long, on an adjustable golden chain 16" - 18". Box is 2-1/2" long.
  • Hematite Beaded Turtle Necklace

    Hematite Beaded Turtle Necklace

    A very nice turtle necklace!

    This turtle necklace is made from pure hematite and has a nice solid weight to it. The beads are cylindrical except for those near the pendant. The turtle pendant is smoothly curved with light etching on the shell for detail and burnished to a high gloss.

    Hematite is considered a semi-precious stone and is formed from iron oxides. Hematite ranges in color from silvery grey to black, to red. This necklace is a beautiful dark grey in color that looks almost like mercury.

    The clasp is the screw type with each half having tiny ridges so that you can grip them easily.

    Size: Turtle pendant is about 1" long, chain is 18" long
  • Hematite Silver Toned Turtle Necklace

    Hematite Silver Toned Turtle Necklace

    A lovely sea turtle necklace.

    This is a very nice, silver-toned necklace that has a hematite stone placed in the center as the shell. It has the tear-drop shape that is a quintessential feature of sea turtles.

    Size: Turtle pendant is about 1/2 inch long, chain is 18" long.
  • Jade Sea Turtle Necklace

    Jade Sea Turtle Necklace

    Check out this elegant sea turtle necklace!
    The tiny turtle pendant is carved from green jade, and hangs from a golden chain. It comes in a nice little silver-gray box with a velvet backing.
    Size: Pendant is 1/2" long, on an 18" gold-plated chain
    See links at the bottom of this page for coordinating jade turtle jewelry.
  • Little Turtle Sterling Enamel Necklace

    Little Turtle Sterling Enamel Necklace

    Lovely sea turtle necklace!

    This sterling silver turtle is small and elegant with 2 shades of green on its shell and flippers and accents of deep blue.

    The turtle pendant is painted by hand with solutions containing colored granules of glass, then fired in a kiln to produce an enamel that is luminous with a delicate shading of color.

    Size: Pendant is .75" long on an 18" sterling silver chain.
  • Miniature Raku Ceramic Turtle Bottle

    Miniature Raku Ceramic Turtle Bottle

    This is a beautiful turtle bottle done in the Raku style of pottery.

    The Raku style was developed by a family of potters from Japan during the late 1500s. The critical techniques that give the pottery its unique look involve firing the pieces at low temperatures and interrupting the firing process. The techniques result in every piece being unique in coloring and pattern.

    This type of bottle is what is traditionally known as a "poison bottle." Traditional Raku methods used lead in the glaze so in the past it could truly have been a poisonous bottle. But fortunately modern potters have stopped using lead, so this lovely turtle bottle is perfectly safe.

    The bottle is sealed with natural cork at the top and has 2 holes for threading a cord through so that is can be used as a necklace. You can place little rolled up notes inside, or a tiny piece of cloth infused with your favorite perfume or essential oils. You could also put tiny gemstones or spices inside. Get creative about it! Just don't use poison... please?

    Size: 1-3/4" long, 1" wide, comes in a black velveteen bag
    (see closeup photo below)
  • Pewter Necklace Turtle - Small

    Pewter Necklace Turtle - Small

    This is an awesome turtle necklace.

    Brought to you by Shag wear made of lead free Pewter. This 18" chain with 1" turtle pendant is sure to bring plenty of smiles! The jumpring attaches to the tip of the turtle's nose through which the chain slides.

    Please also check out our matching turtle swirl earrings; TM9475. Pewter Earrings Turtle Small.
  • Sea Turtle Goldtone Link Necklace Set

    Sea Turtle Goldtone Link Necklace Set

    This is a lovely turtle set!

    The link necklace has a nice weight to it and is antique gold in color. The turtles are mirror image on each side of the necklace so that the largest ones end up facing each other in the middle.

    The earrings are also mirror image and are old-fashion clip-ons with padding for your comfort.

    Size: Necklace is 17" in length and each earring is about 1" long.
  • Spiral Turtle Beaded Necklace

    Spiral Turtle Beaded Necklace

    This turtle necklace will look gorgeous on your neck!

    By using different colors of beads, the spiral pattern on the shell of this turtle really stands out. The iridescent glass beads range from pale green to amber to indigo blue. The belly of the turtle is a black velvet and very soft to touch.

    This chain of the necklace is beaded in green and amber colors. Check out matching spiral turtles through the related links below.

    Size: 17-18"chain, turtle is 1-1/2" tall.
  • Sterling Art Deco Turtle Necklace

    Sterling Art Deco Turtle Necklace

    An artistic turtle necklace.

    Made of sterling silver, this turtle is done in the Art Deco style! It is a fairly flat turtle with the legs slightly bent. The head has 2 large eyes and the shell has just a few tiny dimples.

    The turtle pendant hangs from an 18" sterling silver boxchain and comes in a small gift box with a gold elastic bow.

    Size: Turtle pendant is about 1.5" in length.

  • Turtle Silver-plated Corded Necklace

    Turtle Silver-plated Corded Necklace

    Looking for a comfy turtle necklace?

    This necklace has a Sterling silver-plated turtle charm threaded on durable cotton cords. There is an antique finished bead through which the cords pass and help to secure the turtle so the clasp doesn't travel around your neck.

    The necklace is strung on 16" dark blue and aqua cotton cords with a lobster claw clasp.

    Handmade in USA.

    Size: 16" necklace, turtle charm is 3/4" long