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Reptile and frog gifts, toys, jewelry, collectibles, and more!
Fun turtle and reptile party supplies and party favors!

Thanks for stopping by! We love turtles! Turtle Max specializes in turtle and sea turtle gifts, but we also carry frog gifts, lizard and gecko gifts, alligator and crocodile gifts, and snake gifts.

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  • Featured Products

  • Japanese Turtle Wind Bell

    Japanese Turtle Wind Bell

    Simple and elegant!

    This Japanese windbell is designed to bring peace and harmony into your home. The bell is made from cast iron and finished with a green patina.

    It is best to hang this turtle bell near windows and doorways or outside where the traditional paper that is attached to the clapper will not get wet. If you do wish to hang this outside in the elements, simply use a piece of wood or flat stone instead of the paper to catch the wind.

    Size: Turtle is ~3.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"
  • Metalwork Garden Turtle with Flower

    Metalwork Garden Turtle with Flower

    Add a smile to your garden!

    This whimsical turtle is made from shaped and welded metal, and painted in glossy speckled enamels. He holds a pink metal flower for you. His shell is brown with yellow speckles.

    Size: 6-3/4" tall, 4-3/4" wide x 3" deep
  • Turtley Awesome Lounge Pants

    Turtley Awesome Lounge Pants

    Lounge around in these turtley awesome pants!

    These comfortable yoga style pants are pink and covered in green and brown sea turtles. The waistband is brown in color and has an elasticized band with a drawstring that is fully functional if you wish to tighten the waist further.

    Sizes S through XL have a stretch pocket on the right front near the waistband designed to hold a cell phone (see detail image below.) Awesome!

    Made of 100% cotton knit, these pants are very, very soft (like a t-shirt fabric).

    The pants come in 5 adult women's sizes. They are marked XS thru XL, and we have listed the APPROXIMATE correlation to women's pants sizes.

    XS (about size 0-2)
    S (about size 4-6)
    M (about size 8-10)
    L (about size 12-14
    XL (about size 16-18)

    Select size from drop-down menu below:
  • Vinyl Turtle Toys (12)

    Vinyl Turtle Toys (12)

    Are you looking for some realistic looking turtle toys?

    These awesome turtles come in a variety of patterns and natural colors. From pond turtle to tortoise, these little toys are ready to play!

    Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events!

    Size: 12 turtles ranging from 1-1/2" to 2" long
  • Yummy Gummy Turtles Candy

    Yummy Gummy Turtles Candy

    It's yummy! It's gummy! It's turtles!

    You'll love this yummy gummy turtle candy, perfect for party favors and stocking stuffers. The turtles come in asorted colors of red, orange, and green with lighter colored bellies. They have mild fruity flavors, and are soft and chewy.

    NOTE: GUMMI CANDY CAN MELT IN HOT WEATHER. We advise not ordering gummy candy if your temperatures are above 80 degrees. We do not guarantee gummy candy against melting, since we have no control over the temperatures in your mailbox or delivery van.

    Size: 4.5-ounce bag, contains approximately 12 turtles (exact number may vary)

  • Marble Turtle Jewelry Box - 5"

    Marble Turtle Jewelry Box - 5"

    This is part of our jewelry box collection and it is one our most popular items in the line it is about 6 inches longs and weighs about a pound.

    About our product: Since 1939, master Ecuadorian craftsmen have been hand carving decorative marble gifts inspired by the local marine life. Their highly developed skills and crafts have been handed down for generations, from family to family, and now extends far beyond their borders to you.

    Due to the nature of working with Marble material, each turtle color will vary from tans, to white, clear and browns.
  • Mint Fudge Filled Chocolate Frogs, 15 pcs.

    Mint Fudge Filled Chocolate Frogs, 15 pcs.

    Yum! Minty little fudge frogs!

    These edible mint chocolate frogs are green on the outside and filled with delicious soft fudge on the inside. They come in an elegant green box that contains 15 yummy frogs.

    If you bag them in little cellophane bags, they would make excellent frog wedding favors or frog party favors, frog stocking stuffers, gift toppers, valentines day frog gifts or neat little "thank-you" gifts. (Note: Bags not included.)

    The little frogs would look fantastic as wedding cake decorations or frog birthday cake decorations too, or put one on top of each iced cupcake or iced cookie.

    Size: Box of 15 frogs. Net wt. 6 ounces. Each frog is about 1/1/4" tall and 1" wide.
    Note: Made in a facility with other products containing peanuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews, wheat and milk.

    Please contact us 3-6 weeks in advance if you will be needing to special order large quantities for a wedding or party!

    NOTE: We do not guarantee chocolate products against melting in transit. We do not recommend ordering chocolate if your local temperatures are above 80 degrees, the transit route between Oregon and your location has high temperatures, or if your mailbox/delivery area is in an location exposed to direct sun.
    $9.95 save 20%