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Products Map

Products Map

  • After a While Gator Greeting Card

    After a While Gator Greeting Card

    "See you later"
    "After a while"

    Two surfing alligators (or crocodiles?) decorate the front of this cute farewell greeting card. Inside, it says "We'll miss you." Perfect for retirements, graduations, bon voyage, moving away, or departures of all kinds!

    Size: One 5" x 7" card, one colorful envelope
  • All Around Frogs Mug

    All Around Frogs Mug

    Frogs all around!

    This handsome ceramic coffee cup has frogs on both sides in a wrap-around scene, so you can see them from any side of the mug. (See photo of backside of mug at bottom of page.) Dishwasher safe.

    Size: 4" tall, holds 11 ounces.
  • Alligator Address Book

    Alligator Address Book

    Looking for your alligator friends? Put them in the book!

    This colorful phone & address book is decorated on the front with smiling green alligators. Inside, it has tabbed pages with spaces for names, addresses, and phone numbers.

    Size: 4" x 6", has 80 pages that hold 6 addresses per page
  • Alligator Ceramic Ashtray

    Alligator Ceramic Ashtray

    Looking for an alligator ashtray?

    This fine ceramic ashtray is printed with a handsome green alligator on a rock beside a turtle, with a heron and a pond in the background.

    Size: 5" across, 1-1/4" tall
  • Alligator Decorative Mini Soap

    Alligator Decorative Mini Soap

    Everyone knows alligators love water...

    And this one is no exception! This highly detailed green gator is actually made of soap. If it weren't for the strong floral scent, it would be easy to mistake for just a decorative figurine.

    Great for decorating in your bathroom. Put this wonderful vegetable-based soap in a basket with other bath items or tuck it on top of your towels.

    Of course, you can always just use it too. Really, how many other people do you know who wash their hands with an alligator?

    Size: 4" long, individually wrapped in plastic

    Ingredients: Palm Distilled Fatty Acid, Palm Kernel Distilled Fatty Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Salt of EDTA, Ethane Hydroxyl Diphosphonic Acid, BHT, Aqua, FDC Color & Perfume.
  • Alligator Earrings

    Alligator Earrings

    Green Tree Jewelry, an innovative San Diego based company, that delivers cutting edge wood jewelry and product design - Enjoy!

    Made In U.S.A
    Size 1.3" x 2"
    Alligator Earrings
    An alligator can weigh over 1000 pounds
    Made from sustainably sourced materials
    Laser-cut wood
    Stained with water based dye
    Ear wires are silver-finished 3041 stainless steel with new electrophoretic-coating that resists tarnishing

  • Alligator Head Stapler

    Alligator Head Stapler

    Watch out! This alligator really is capable of drawing blood.

    Hopefully though, you will keep your fingers out of the way and just let him chomp on your papers instead!

    The alligator head is made of a hard, shiny plastic in two tones of green with darker green spots on his long nose. The mouth of the gator is the stapler and the lower jaw is the hinge that moves and opens wide for refills.

    It uses standard size staples (not included.)

    Size: 5" long, 2" tall
  • Alligator ID/Glasses Holder

    Alligator ID/Glasses Holder

    Let this handsome gator hold your ID badge or your glasses!

    It's a pin with a traditional style clasp on the back. It's made from a silvery metal and has lots of detail in the scales on its back.

    The loop that hangs below the alligator can be used to clip-on a badge holder, or slip an earpiece of your glasses into it to hold them when you're not wearing them.

    Size: 1-3/4" tall

    Note: The dime is shown for scale and is not included with the sale of the pin.
  • Alligator Jumbo Coffee Mug

    Alligator Jumbo Coffee Mug

    Looking for a handsome alligator coffee cup?

    This jumbo-sized ceramic mug is decorated with a big green alligator sitting on a rock beside a turtle.


    Size: Mug is 4-1/2" tall, holds 14 ounces
  • Alligator Kitchen Towel

    Alligator Kitchen Towel

    Everyone should have at least one alligator in the kitchen!

    This 100% cotton jacquard dishtowel is beautifully woven in olive green and mustard yellow. Between the center and the edge is a strip of alligators. The gators are visible both front and back so this towel looks great on both sides!

    The picture shows the towel folded in fourths so the full size view would show the alligators surrounding the center. The gators are 2-1/2 inches long on the short sides and 4" on the long sides.

    Size: 27" x 19"
  • Alligator Necklace in Alligator Box

    Alligator Necklace in Alligator Box

    Here's a cute alligator necklace!

    This whimsical enameled alligator charm hangs on a golden chain, and comes in its own alligator-shaped flocked velvet box. The green jewelry box is made so the alligator's back hinges open from the side.

    Size: Pendant is 3/4" tall, on a chain that is adjustable from 16" to 18". Box is 4-1/2" long.
  • Alligator Party Clappers (12)

    Alligator Party Clappers (12)

    What's the sound of an alligator's jaw closing?

    It's like a clap of thunder. Unless an arm or other body part gets in the way...

    These alligator clappers make great party favors! You get a dozen green noisemakers that kids just love.

    The gators are made from hard plastic with a handle that extends clear to the tip of the alligators' noses (sort of like a really long thick tongue.) The top of the gators' heads and the lower jaw are hinged separately so when you shake them back and forth rapidly, they hit against the fixed piece in the center (the tongue.)

    Size: 12 gators, 7" long each
  • Alligator Party Pencils (12)

    Alligator Party Pencils (12)

    Need some alligator pencils?

    These smiling whimsical alligators are all over the pencils in cheery colors of green, orange, blue, and purple. Perfect for party favors!

    You get a pack of 12 wood pencils, 7-1/2" long with erasers.
  • Alligator Pencils (12)

    Alligator Pencils (12)

    Need some alligator desk accessories or party favors?

    These colorful pencils have green and lavender alligators and crocodiles against a blue and yellow background. You get a pack of 12 pencils with erasers.

    Size: 12 alligator pencils with erasers, each 7-1/2" long
  • Alligator Scrubbie Holder

    Alligator Scrubbie Holder

    Need a place to put your pot scrubber?

    This cute ceramic alligator is ready to help! It's also perfect for holding cotton balls, a bar of soap, bath beads, keys, or coins.

    Put it on your desk to hold business cards, paperclips, or candies!

    Size: About 4" tall and 5" long. Pot scrubber is included as shown.
  • Alligator Shaped Bookmarks (24)

    Alligator Shaped Bookmarks (24)

    Make reading more fun with these awesome alligator companions!

    These alligator bookmarks are the perfect thing to encourage kids to read more. You get a pack of 24 bookmarks in an assortment of blue, green, red, and purple.

    Perfect for libraries and classrooms. Great for incentives, rewards, book clubs, and party favors!

    Also, check out the other alligator items in our "Alligator" line of party supplies through the links below.

    Size: 1 pack of 24 bookmarks, each bookmark is 6" long (not including the ribbon)
  • Alligator Swamp Party Thank-You Notes

    Alligator Swamp Party Thank-You Notes

    Having an alligator party?

    You'll be prepared with these fun alligator thank-you notes! They're blank inside.

    You get a pack of 8 thank-yous, each 4" x 5", and 8 white envelopes.

    See links at bottom of this page for matching Swamp Party accessories.
  • Alligator Two-Tone Charm Necklace

    Alligator Two-Tone Charm Necklace

    Have you ever had an alligator at your throat?

    If you haven't, now's the time!

    This lovely two-tone gold and silver necklace has five charming alligators hanging from it and a T-clasp so that you can adjust the length of the chain.

    Should I mention that the alligators' mouths are slightly open?

    Size: 17"-19" adjustable
  • Alligator Vinyl Luggage Tag

    Alligator Vinyl Luggage Tag

    Ready to travel, alligator style?

    This cute alligator luggage tag is molded from rubbery vinyl in 3D, where each section of the alligator picture is molded in a different color like a mosaic. It has a flexible black loop to attach it to your luggage, backpack, or briefcase. On the back of the tag, there is a clear plastic pocket with a paper card inside that has space for you to write your name and address.

    Size: 3" wide, 2" tall, about 1/8" thick
  • Alligator-Shaped Mylar Balloon

    Alligator-Shaped Mylar Balloon

    Having an alligator or crocodile party? This big mylar balloon is shaped like a large green alligator.
    Add some fun to your birthday party! It's uninflated, so you can either blow it up with air or have it filled with helium at your neighborhood party store or florist.
    To inflate with air, gently insert a plastic drinking straw through the round hole in the neck of the balloon so it extends into the main body of the balloon, and blow into the straw to inflate. When fully inflated, pull out the straw and the balloons neck will automatically seal. To deflate for future re-use, gently reinsert the straw as before (to its full length) and allow the balloon to deflate.
    Size: 35" long, 29" wide, printed on both sides.
  • Alligator/Crocodile Hatch & Grow Egg

    Alligator/Crocodile Hatch & Grow Egg

    Hatch your own toy baby alligator!

    Just put the egg into water, and watch the shell crack as the baby gator hatches out over a 1-3 day period. The alligator will continue to grow in water, up to 6" in length. The color of your alligator will be a secret until it hatches - it could be green, or brown, or have red or black spots on it. Also, be aware that some of the packages say "alligator" and some say "crocodile".

    You can even let it dry out, and then grow it again!

    Please note that this is an expanding grow toy, not a live alligator... so little fingers will NOT be at risk!

    Size: Egg is 2-1/2" tall and may be white or green, alligator/crocodile grows up to 6" long
  • Aluminum Sea Turtle Card Holder

    Aluminum Sea Turtle Card Holder

    A very artsy turtle and useful too!

    This turtle note holder is solid aluminum with a wire cord that has an attached alligator clip. The metal is very smooth and highly reflective.

    Great for holding notes, business cards (only a few), and recipes when you're cooking in the kitchen. It keeps the recipe easy to see and out of the food! Just please don't cook any turtles... there are so few live ones left!

    Size: 3-1/2" long, 5" tall including the clip
  • Aluminum Sea Turtle Keyring

    Aluminum Sea Turtle Keyring

    Looking for a reliable, sturdy keyring?

    This solid aluminum sea turtle is just the thing. The turtle has a large, domed shell that is mirror shiny.

    The keychain is a nice weight and has a swivel joint to keep the sea turtle from getting twisted up by the keys.

    Size: Total length is about 4" long, turtle is 1-3/4" long
  • Aluminum Wine Stopper – Turtle

    Aluminum Wine Stopper – Turtle

    Our wine stoppers form a tight seal on the bottle to lengthen the life of the wine, while enhancing the overall appearance of the bottle.

    Handcrafted in Ecuador - The manual process of creating these handcrafts guarantees the uniqueness of each piece. The artisans tediously carve the wooden model that forms the cast for the aluminum design to manufacture each character. Once casting is complete, all pieces are carefully sanded by hand using three grades of sand paper. This is then followed by three more grades of fine sanding to achieve its signature luster. This distinctive sheen of polished aluminum adds to the allure of each creation. Depending on the design, meticulously selected organic and non-organic adornments, such as resin, shell, and wood are hand fitted onto the pieces to bring them to life.

    The entire process comes together to create a product of remarkable beauty to be enjoyed by all.
  • Amazing Alligator Hat

    Amazing Alligator Hat

    Isn't this an amazing alligator hat?

    If you need a costume in a hurry, or want to liven up a party, this is the hat for you. Turn yourself from a plain, boring human into a snappy, snazzy alligator in seconds!

    The hat is made from polyester and is stretchy enough to fit most head sizes. The gator head is a swamp green with black spots and is padded to give it a real alligator shape. The yellow eyes and white teeth are a soft terrycloth and the red tongue is felt.

    Great for Halloween and costume parties!

    Size: One size fits all, gator head length is about 12 inches. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • Amber and Green Crystal Turtle Pin

    Amber and Green Crystal Turtle Pin

    This is a lovely little turtle that's dual function.

    Under the head of the turtle is a loop that you can run a chain through and wear it as a necklace. It also has a traditional style pin clasp.

    The base metal of this turtle is silvery in color with the center of the shell being open lattice work. The scutes (scales) of the turtle's shell are painted in a nice amber color and peridot green and inset with matching crystals. The head of the turtle is left silver and the eyes are a dark green crystal.

    Size: 1.25" long, pendant/pin only, no chain included

  • Andy Flip Flop Alligator

    Andy Flip Flop Alligator

    Andy, soft Andy...

    Unlike a real alligator, Andy is really nice to pet. He's got a super soft plush and a velvety mouth. Even his pointed white teeth are soft! And he has a really cute yellow checkered bow tied around his neck. (Although petting a real alligator might be nice too, in a different sort of way...)

    Andy has weighted pellets in his belly and at the ends of his flippers so you can drape him just about anywhere... over an arm or shoulder, maybe even on top of your baby... Then you could watch to see who eats who!

    This is a Mary Meyer toy and has been safety tested for children of all ages. So it is safe even for babies.

    Size: About 16" long, 10" wide, and 4" tall (when lying flat)
  • Antiqued Gold & Crystal Turtle Box

    Antiqued Gold & Crystal Turtle Box

    This richly jeweled turtle box looks good enough for a king!

    This garnet enameled and crystal encrusted turtle conceals a secret compartment that is perfect for hiding small treasures or a small pair of earrings!

    The shell lifts up on a small hinge and the compartment closes securely with a magnetic clasp.

    Size: 3" x 2.25" x 1.5"
  • Assorted Sea Turtles (12)

    Assorted Sea Turtles (12)

    Need a lot of sea turtles?

    These fun sea turtle toys are made from hollow plastic that is just a little flexible on the flippers. They come in assorted natural colors of reds, browns, and greens with natural patterns.

    They make great turtle party favors and gift toppers!

    Safety tested and phthalate compliant.

    Size: Pack of 12 turtles, each 4" long
  • Assorted Turtle Friends

    Assorted Turtle Friends

    Turtles, turtles, everywhere!

    Put one on your shelf. Put one in your plant pot. Put one on your desk. Hey, why not put them everywhere?

    Here's a bunch of little turtle friends. The turtle figurines are made from a durable resin and are hand painted. Although the pose is the same for all of the turtles, there are a variety of patterns. Even the same overall pattern will show subtle differences.

    You may wonder why I am talking about multitudes of turtles when the picture shows only one? And the answer is...

    You order by the SINGLE turtle!

    Although we can't guarantee exactly which one you'll get, if you order more than 1, we WILL try to get you different patterns. You can check out some of the various patterns in the picture below.

    Size: About 1-3/4" long, 3/4" tall
  • Assorted Vinyl Alligators and Crocodiles (12)

    Assorted Vinyl Alligators and Crocodiles (12)

    Let's get him, boys!

    A little safety tip... NEVER let yourself be cut from the crowd of crocodiles. They are very quick to come after you!

    Besides "chase" and "attack", I'm sure there are lots of other games that these durable vinyl toys will lend themselves to. These little molded plastic gators and crocs come in a pack of twelve in a variety of colors and shapes.

    Perfect for party favors, decorations, and tokens of affection.

    Size: 1 pack of 12, each about 6" long

  • Aztec Glass Hanging Gecko Ornament

    Aztec Glass Hanging Gecko Ornament

    An amazing gecko ornament!

    This lovely ornament is brightly colored in an Aztec design with brilliant sparkles pressed directly into the glass.

    This gecko will shimmer on your tree with the slightest move!

    Size: 3.75" long x 3.5" wide