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Products Map

  • Earth Turtle Abalone Earrings

    Earth Turtle Abalone Earrings

    These are beautiful sea turtle earrings!

    The earrings have an oval of abalone set in silver colored metal and a lovely silvery sea turtle dangles below it. This is natural abalone shell, so colors and patterns will vary in shimmering pearly colors of blue, green, and amber.

    The earrings come in a handsome gray velvet gift box.

    Size: 7/8" long
  • Enamel and Brass Turtle Candle Snuffer

    Enamel and Brass Turtle Candle Snuffer

    Don't blow out that candle!

    Or use your fingers...

    Use this elegant brass turtle to gently snuff your candles. The shell on the tortoise is enameled in brown glass to give it a glossy shine and the eyes are are two tiny green crystals.

    Size: Wand is 8" long and the turtle on brass snuffer is 1.5" tall
  • Enjoy Every Moment Turtle Greeting Card

    Enjoy Every Moment Turtle Greeting Card

    "Enjoy every moment."

    This fun turtle card is perfect for sending cheery greetings! The front shows four sea turtles at a bar drinking beer, and a turtle who has fallen off his barstool. Inside, it says "Enjoy every moment."

    Size: One 5" x 7" card, one colorful envelope
  • Enormous Grow Lizard

    Enormous Grow Lizard

    Whoa! You may have seen grow-lizards, but have you ever seen one this HUGE??

    Put this 12" long lizard in water for 2-3 days, and watch as it grows up to 36" in length. You can dry it out and regrow it, too.

    Colors/patterns may vary, but will all be colorful green/yellow/blue/orange/pink combinations.

    Size: 12" long when dry, grows up to 36" long
  • Ertle the Turtle Mini Glass Sculpture

    Ertle the Turtle Mini Glass Sculpture

    Looking Glass sculpture Ertle the Turtle never rushes and he likes to take his time. Ertle is rather shy and fearful of making any sudden movements, worried it may result with him tipping over onto his back. He is a wobbly turtle and tends to end up stranded on his shell. He often relies on the kindness of friends to flip him back over. Ertle was born on June 6, 2011. Each tiny sculpture comes in a clear plastic case with a magnifying glass cap. Sculpture is very small, approximately 3/4 inch.

    Looking Glass sculptures are hand crafted using glass rods. They are heated and melted by a gas-powered torch. The torch worker has a high degree of control over how soft the glass becomes, as a result they're able to create pieces with immaculate detail and complexity.