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Products Map

Products Map

  • Velvety Fleece Treefrog Throw Blanket

    Velvety Fleece Treefrog Throw Blanket

    Snuggle into some froggy softness!

    This velvety plush lap blanket is super soft and fluffy, and best of all it's totally covered with beautiful red-eyed treefrogs! The pattern has red-eyed tree frogs perched on jungle leaves, against a teal-green background. Perfect for watching TV or reading, it's also just the right size for a kids bed or baby crib. We're even tempted to hang it on the wall as a decorative tapestry, it's so gorgeous.

    A luxurious throw blanket makes a great gift too, especially for seniors or people who like to sit and read or knit. Drape it over your car seat, line the baby stroller, put it over your shoulders while you play computer games, or lay it out on the floor for the baby to play on.

    Photo at left shows almost the entire blanket pattern (it's slightly larger). See the detail photo below for a closeup of one corner.

    Size: about 50" x 60"
  • Velvety Green Little Plush Sea Turtle

    Velvety Green Little Plush Sea Turtle

    Looking for a cute stuffed sea turtle?

    This adorable sea turtle is made from a soft velvety plush. The shell and the topside of the head and flippers are a warm green color while the underside of the turtle is a bright pale green.

    A great sea turtle to cuddle!

    Size: About 7 inches long
  • Vertical Sea Turtle Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

    Vertical Sea Turtle Ceiling Fan Pull Chain

    2.5" high and made of highly detailed sculpted resin in a 2D design.
    The 6-inch chain and connector attaches easily to your existing fan pull chain.
    Makes a great gift for kids and collectors!

  • Victorian Frog Christmas Cards, box/10

    Victorian Frog Christmas Cards, box/10

    Are you hoping Santa will bring you frogs for Christmas?

    These handsome frog Christmas cards are sure to get a double-take and a good chuckle! A Victorian-style Santa holds a bag full of frogs, and is holding one up to show to you.

    Inside, there is a black-and-white image of three little frogs with their Christmas presents (see lower photo, below). The inside message says:

    "Hope Santa brings you
    the hoppiest Christmas ever!"

    You get a box of 10 cards, with 10 elegant gold-foil lined envelopes. Cards are about 5"x7".
  • Vinyl Red-Eyed Treefrog w/Baby

    Vinyl Red-Eyed Treefrog w/Baby

    Here's a beautifully made little flexible vinyl frog!

    One of the most popular frogs of the mysterious rainforest is the red-eye tree frog named after their dramatic red eyes. This authentic and hand painted mother frog has a baby on her back. Made of durable, phthalate free polyvinyl.

    Size: 2-1/2" long. Ages 3+
  • Vinyl Toy Alligator

    Vinyl Toy Alligator

    Looking for a fun alligator toy for your party favor bag?

    This little croc is made from a flexible vinyl that lets you push his mouth closed in a biting action. Kids have great fun using this gator to snap up little twigs and the occasional unfortunate bug into the hollow belly.

    A great alligator for outdoor play and to take to the beach or sandbox!

    Size: About 7 inches long
  • Vinyl Turtle Toys (12)

    Vinyl Turtle Toys (12)

    Are you looking for some realistic looking turtle toys?

    These awesome turtles come in a variety of patterns and natural colors. From pond turtle to tortoise, these little toys are ready to play!

    Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events!

    Size: 12 turtles ranging from 1-1/2" to 2" long