Slater the Gator Mini Glass Sculpture
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Slater the Gator Mini Glass Sculpture

glass alligator sculpture TM9408
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Slater the Gator lives in a freshwater pond. He is known for his southern hospitality, inviting other animals to join him for a swim. Slater is well adapted to his environment which is why he’s nearly the same as his ancestors from 200 million years ago. He loves to float on the surface of the water so birds can land on his back and chat. His birthday is November 28, 2011. Each tiny sculpture comes in a clear plastic case with a magnifying glass cap. Sculpture is very small, approximately 3/4 inch. Looking Glass sculptures are hand crafted using glass rods. They are heated and melted by a gas-powered torch. The torch worker has a high degree of control over how soft the glass becomes, as a result they're able to create pieces with immaculate detail and complexity.
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