Glazed Ceramic Croaking Frog Motion Detector
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Glazed Ceramic Croaking Frog Motion Detector

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A great new frog motion sensor!

This small motion detector frog is made from hand glazed ceramic and designed to be used indoors or in a protected outdoors location. He is a natural green color with darker green spots and is sitting on a blue base with a design of lily pads and water lilies.

When you get near the side of this frog, it will start croaking with a gentle froggy sound so authentic you will start looking for the real frogs! This lovely frog figurine has a convenient on/off switch on the bottom so if you like the look of him, but don't want him to croak, just turn him off.

We recommend that you bring this frog inside for the winter if you live in a place where it drops below freezing.
Size: About 4.5" tall by 3-3/4" wide. Uses 2 button cell batteries. Batteries included!

Please note that the battery and electronics are NOT sealed, and outdoor exposure and moisture can eventually penetrate the frog's electronics and cause them to fail, so they are best kept in a protected or indoor area. See additional instructions below.

Instructions for Motion Detector Frogs: Slide switch to "ON" position; frog should croak and then be silent until it senses motion in its path. If not working correctly, please check these items:

  • Make sure the batteries are fresh batteries, inserted facing in the correct direction.
  • Blow a sharp puff of air into the frog's sensor to clear away any dust or lint that may be covering the motion detector sensor.
  • Try moving the frog to an area with different lighting. Since it senses movement by changes in the light level, it can't see if it's too dark, and may be overwhelmed by direct sunlight.
  • If the frog croaks constantly, make sure it's pointing toward a surface that doesn't have moving shadows. This is also a sign of low batteries.
  • For longest life, protect from dirt and moisture.
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