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Ashtrays, Lighters, Incense Burners

Need reptile-themed smoking accessories such as lighters and ashtrays? Look here for turtles, frogs, snakes, alligators, and lizards.


  • Alligator Ceramic Ashtray

    Alligator Ceramic Ashtray

    Looking for an alligator ashtray?

    This fine ceramic ashtray is printed with a handsome green alligator on a rock beside a turtle, with a heron and a pond in the background.

    Size: 5" across, 1-1/4" tall
  • Colorful Geckos Ceramic Ashtray

    Colorful Geckos Ceramic Ashtray

    Here's an unusual ashtray!

    It has a picture of two colorful geckos, sunning themselves on branches. It's made of ceramic, and is dishwasher-safe.

    Size: 5" across, 1-1/4" tall
  • Iguana Ceramic Ashtray

    Iguana Ceramic Ashtray

    Looking for something special with an iguana on it?

    This fine ceramic ashtray has a green iguana pictured on the bottom.

    You could also use this as a food dish for your pet iguana!

    Size: 5" across, 1-1/4" tall
  • Iguana Jumbo Coffee Mug

    Iguana Jumbo Coffee Mug

    Do you love iguanas?

    Here's a big handsome iguana on an extra-large handsome ceramic coffee cup, just for you!

    Dishwasher safe.

    Size: Cup is 4-1/2" tall, holds 14 ounces
  • Lizard Air Freshener

    Lizard Air Freshener


    These lizard air fresheners smell good enough to eat! They come in 3 different flavors - apple, lemon, and strawberry. The lizard shaped freshener has a suction cup attached to it so that you can stick it on a window or any other smooth surface.

    Each lizard air freshener is 4" long and colored to match its flavor.
    I said they smelled good enough to eat, but please, please don't eat them...

    Select by scent:
  • Sea Turtle Glass Ashtray

    Sea Turtle Glass Ashtray

    A great way to add a turtle accent to your table decor!

    This beautiful sea turtle will be happy to keep your cigarette ashes safe and secure inside this thick glass ashtray.

    The sea turtle image is fused into the bottom of the ashtray and reflects up through the clear glass. The design features a large brown sea turtle in the center that is swimming next to brightly colored ocean plants.

    Size: 3-1/4" across, 1-3/8" deep
  • Turtle Embossed Green Swirl Ashtray

    Turtle Embossed Green Swirl Ashtray

    A very fine turtle ashtray!

    This ashtray is made from fine porcelain with a pattern of sea turtles and ocean life embossed into the side. A dark green color has been added to the clay and gently mixed in to give it a swirled marble look throughout.

    Check out other Green Swirl turtle products through the links below.

    Size: 5" across, 1-1/4" tall