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Frog Toys & Games

Here you'll find our favorite plush and stuffed frogs, frog puzzles and games, rubber frogs, windup frogs, and a wide variety of frog toys and novelties.


  • "RUSS" Silky Soft Plush Frog

    "RUSS" Silky Soft Plush Frog

    Meet a very loveable frog!

    This frog is a deep green color and has a wonderfully silky plush that make you want to stroke and cuddle it. The chin is pale yellow and matches the yellow and black eyes.

    This frog is designed to be held and cuddled or to lay flopped down on its belly.

    Conforms to toy safety regulations. Machine washable. Made by RUSS.

    Size: About 12" tall from nose to feet
    $9.95 save 20%
  • 72 Mini Frogs in Assorted Colors & Styles

    72 Mini Frogs in Assorted Colors & Styles

    These little frogs make great little toys and give-away gifts for parties and events. The colorful tiny rain forest frogs are available in a bag of about 72 (packaged by weight).

    Mini vinyl frogs are about 1" to 1-1/2" long. You get a bag of approximately 72 frogs.


  • Baby Velvety Plush Red-Eyed Treefrog

    Baby Velvety Plush Red-Eyed Treefrog

    Wow, check out this cute baby frog! This brightly colorful stuffed red-eyed treefrog is made from a soft velvet-like plush. Its belly is bright orange and yellow, with the blue stripes on its sides that are typical of the red eyed tree frog's coloring.
    This is the smaller BABY frog.  See the link at the bottom of this page for the larger frog, sold separately.
    Size: 9" long
  • Bob the Bobbleheaded Treefrog

    Bob the Bobbleheaded Treefrog

    Meet Bob, the most agreeable frog you'll ever find!

    He loves to sit on your dashboard as you drive. Ask him a question, and watch his head bobble. "Bob, will we get there on time?" His head nods agreeably. "Bob, are we lost?" His head shakes from side to side, and suddenly you feel so much better!

    Bob is a colorful red-eyed treefrog with a fuzzy flocked surface. His head hangs from a little hook inside his body (you'll have to hook it on after he arrives), so it swings freely and nods when he's bumped. He looks outstanding on a desk, shelf, or on your dashboard. He even comes with a little foam peel-n-stick tab that you can use to help keep him in place.

    The frog has a tag saying "Adult novelty only. Not suitable for ages 18 and under." (Please do not be concerned, Bob does not have any socially-unacceptable features.)

    Size: 5" long, 2-1/2" tall
  • Bouncy Bobble Frog

    Bouncy Bobble Frog

    I'm just a bouncing and bobbling frog!

    Just hang me from your desk lamp or any other convenient place and I will bobble and bounce every time you touch me.

    Hey, I love fans too!

    Size: I'm just over 4" and my hook & spring are 9" before stretching
  • Colossal Tree Frog Squirt

    Colossal Tree Frog Squirt

    Need a big squirting frog?

    Of course. Doesn't everyone?

    This big rubber frog measures over 9" long, and if you put him underwater and squeeze him he'll suck in water through his mouth. Then just give him a squeeze, and run!!

    Size: 9-1/2" long

  • Frog & Fly Gummies

    Frog & Fly Gummies

    Who said we can’t invite our cold-blooded friends to the party too?
    These frog & flies gummy packs will accompany the rest of your candy in your baskets, party goody bags and more! Grape and apple flavored gummies.
  • Frog Slime

    Frog Slime

    It's not easy being green. Especially when you are full of slime. However this froggy is coping just fine and ready to hop into a good time at your next party. Trying to find the right party favor or carnival redemption prize? Then look no further than slime or putty. Kids of all ages love to play with these sticky, stretchy, slimey and gooey toys. Not for children under the age of 3.

    3.8 oz of green slime

    Plastic frog container 2 3/4 in tall

    Ages 3+

  • Fun Flinger Frogs (12)

    Fun Flinger Frogs (12)

    These nifty flying frogs love to leap!

    Just stretch them back and hook them over a finger, then let loose of their feet and watch them fling.

    Great for party favors and party games like "Shoot the frog in the hoop."

    Not for children under 3 years of age. Not recommended for too-serious adults.

    Size: 1 bag of a dozen (12) frogs, each 3-1/2" long
  • Giant Plush Red-Eyed Treefrog

    Giant Plush Red-Eyed Treefrog

    Have you been looking for a really, really, big stuffed frog?

    This giant red-eyed treefrog is not only huge, he's also beautifully detailed and huggably soft. His long legs make it easy to carry him piggyback, or to dance a tango!

    The frog has big red eyes, a green back, and cream-colored belly, with orange feet and blue markings. He'll make the perfect frog gift for your favorite frog-person.

    Size: 50" long with legs extended, body is 30"
  • Glazed Ceramic Croaking Frog Motion Detector

    Glazed Ceramic Croaking Frog Motion Detector

    A great new frog motion sensor!

    This small motion detector frog is made from hand glazed ceramic and designed to be used indoors or in a protected outdoors location. He is a natural green color with darker green spots and is sitting on a blue base with a design of lily pads and water lilies.

    When you get near the side of this frog, it will start croaking with a gentle froggy sound so authentic you will start looking for the real frogs! This lovely frog figurine has a convenient on/off switch on the bottom so if you like the look of him, but don't want him to croak, just turn him off.

    We recommend that you bring this frog inside for the winter if you live in a place where it drops below freezing.
    Size: About 4.5" tall by 3-3/4" wide. Uses 2 button cell batteries. Batteries included!

    Please note that the battery and electronics are NOT sealed, and outdoor exposure and moisture can eventually penetrate the frog's electronics and cause them to fail, so they are best kept in a protected or indoor area. See additional instructions below.

    Instructions for Motion Detector Frogs: Slide switch to "ON" position; frog should croak and then be silent until it senses motion in its path. If not working correctly, please check these items:

    • Make sure the batteries are fresh batteries, inserted facing in the correct direction.
    • Blow a sharp puff of air into the frog's sensor to clear away any dust or lint that may be covering the motion detector sensor.
    • Try moving the frog to an area with different lighting. Since it senses movement by changes in the light level, it can't see if it's too dark, and may be overwhelmed by direct sunlight.
    • If the frog croaks constantly, make sure it's pointing toward a surface that doesn't have moving shadows. This is also a sign of low batteries.
    • For longest life, protect from dirt and moisture.
  • Handy Little Frog Clickers (12)

    Handy Little Frog Clickers (12)

    Everyone joins in the fun with these cute frog noisemakers!

    The little plastic frogs each have a metal spring clicker underneath (with a plastic edge for safety), and when everyone clicks at once it sounds like the frogs are taking over the world!

    The clickers come in assorted bright colors with a colorful swirly pattern on their back (and may vary from those shown in the photo.) And what is especially cute is that when you click them, their mouth opens slightly and you can see their little red tongues inside.

    Size: bag of 12 clickers, 1-1/2" long
  • Little Pierre Plush Frog

    Little Pierre Plush Frog

    Say hello to Pierre!

    Little Pierre is a very handsome frog with a dark green curly plush. He has pale green on his belly, feet, elbows and knees. On his back, he has 6 large spots of sewn-on green felt.

    All in all, a very nice frog.

    Size: 15" long all stretched out
  • Little Smiling Rubber Frogs (12)

    Little Smiling Rubber Frogs (12)

    This little green frog is as cute as cute can be!

    These adorable frogs are made from soft rubbery vinyl with a small hole in the bottom which makes for a nice gentle squeak when you squeeze them. They have big smiles with a heart shaped tongue.

    You get a bag of a dozen green frogs!

    Great for party favors, bath time, or just as a little frog gift for special events! They look especially nice as a frog decorations for a birthday cake or even a wedding cake.

    Size: about 2" tall
  • Neon Colored Frogs (72)

    Neon Colored Frogs (72)

    Looking for a big pile of bright colored frogs?

    These little plastic frogs are bright, semi-transparent and NEON in color! They are flexible without being squishy...

    Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events! You get 72 neon frogs.

    Size: 1 bag of about 72 frogs, each 1" long.
  • Pearly Stretch Frogs (48)

    Pearly Stretch Frogs (48)

    Need loads of squishy stretchy frogs?

    These come in an assortment of bright pearly colors, each in its own poly wrapper.

    Great for party favors!

    Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

    Size: 1 bag of 48 frogs, each about 1-1/2" long.
  • Plush Frog with "I Love You" Heart

    Plush Frog with "I Love You" Heart

    It's always a good time to say, "I Love You!"

    If you have someone special who holds your heart, this friendly frog can help you. Made from a short, soft plush that has a subtle checkerboard pattern, this frog is holding a red heart with the words, "I Love You" on it.

    The frog has a red ribbon bow at the neck and the bottoms of the feet are red satin with small pink hearts on them.

    A great way to show your love for someone on Valentine's Day or ANY day!

    Size: About 6" tall
  • Realistic Plastic Frogs (10)

    Realistic Plastic Frogs (10)

    Nice, realistic looking frogs!

    Each one of these TEN realistic frogs is unique in pattern and color. The designs are based on treefrogs, poison dart frogs, and a few others too.

    Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events.

    Size: Pack of 10 frogs, each little frog is about 1.25" long.
  • Red Eyed Treefrog Half Pint

    Red Eyed Treefrog Half Pint

    Looking for an utterly adorable frog?

    You won't find one any cuter than this red-eyed tree frog plush! Scaled down to the proportions of a half-pint, this frog has a soft green roundish body, stubby little legs with orange feet and a pale belly with blue accents on it. And enormous red eyes with a large black pupil.

    Check out the lower photo for a face on view of the frog.

    Size: About 7.5" long from toe to toe
  • Sand Frog: Bright Green

    Sand Frog: Bright Green

    Everyone loves sand frogs!

    These fun floppy frogs are made from a shimmery silky fabric and filled with a heavy sand material. They are fun to play with, and sit nicely on your computer monitor or dashboard too.

    This bright green sand frog has rainbow-colored sparkly dots all over his backside, and sewn-on black beads for eyes. He's filled with a dense sand-like stuffing that makes him firm but floppy, and his belly is a bright green satin.

    Size: 5-1/2" long by 5" wide
  • Smiling Holiday Bullfrog

    Smiling Holiday Bullfrog

    Let a little Holiday Cheer hop into your life!

    This handsome bullfrog is wearing nothing but a smile and a Santa hat. Of course, he does have those gorgeous green spots, almost like a green leopard print... so I guess it's okay.

    He's a very soft plush with heavy squishy beads in his belly to give him a little weight.

    Size: About 8" tall and 7" wide.
  • Spotted Plush Mini Frogs (12)

    Spotted Plush Mini Frogs (12)

    Are you looking for lots and lots of pretty little frogs?

    If you're having a party or want to send out thank you gifts to a lot of people, these frog cuties are a great choice!

    You get a dozen plush frogs in assorted colors of dark pink, blue, green, and orange. The frogs are stretched out in a full flying leap pose. They have hard plastic eyes, a white belly and very adorable spots!

    Size: Bag of 12 frogs, each about 5" long and 1-1/4" high
  • Squeaky Fun Frogs (3)

    Squeaky Fun Frogs (3)

    Adorable smiling frogs...

    Surround yourself with these smiling, squeaky frogs during your next bath and soon you will be smiling too! They are made from soft flexible vinyl and have a vent in the bottom that produces a mild squeaky sound when squeezed.

    Set of 3 includes one adult sized green frog and 2 kid sized green frogs in floaty rings.

    Size: Small frogs are 2" tall, large frog is 3.5" tall
  • Sticky Stretchy Mini Spotted Frogs (12)

    Sticky Stretchy Mini Spotted Frogs (12)

    Stick 'em, stretch 'em!

    Okay, I don't really know all the places they can stick and I wouldn't recommend sticking them to your sofa... but they ARE really sticky frogs. Stretchy too!

    Each tiny colorful jelly-like frog comes individually wrapped to keep its stickiness.

    You get a pack of 12 spotted frogs in assorted colors and each one is just over an inch long.
  • Tiny Mini Treefrogs (Set 3)

    Tiny Mini Treefrogs (Set 3)

    A trio of tiny treefrogs!

    These cute little frogs are made from a rubbery vinyl, so they are very flexible as well as tough. And, we think they're some of the teeniest tiniest toy treefrogs you will ever see!

    Great for party favors, stocking stuffers, rewards, and table decorations! Also fun to just carry around in your pocket... they're tough so they can handle it.

    Size: Pack of 3, each frog is about 3/4" long. Not recommended for small children.
  • Tiny Tree Frogs (12)

    Tiny Tree Frogs (12)

    It's raining frogs!

    These tiny tree frogs are cute and green, and perfect for any time you need whole bunches of frogs.

    Their bodies are solid flexible plastic (not hollow), and do really well at flying through the air or pinned to a bulletin board.

    Size: pack of 12 frogs, 2-1/2 from nose to back toes.
  • Tree Frogs: Lily Pad Party Game

    Tree Frogs: Lily Pad Party Game

    Musical lily pads anyone?

    A new twist on the classic musical chairs game! Just place these lily pads on the floor in a circle and have the players walk to the outside of them when the music starts. When the music stops, everyone needs to jump on a lily pad instead of sitting in a chair. For extra fun, make them hop instead of walk!

    An alternate use is for teachers to use them in the classroom for kids to sit on during storytime. A great way to keep each kid in their own space. They can be used for table placemats at a party, or for table decorations too!

    You get a pack of 15 paperboard lily pads with a design of two tree frogs on them. Enough for 16 players.

    Size: Pack of 15 cutouts, 11.5" x 12"
  • Tropical Frog Mini Puzzles (4)

    Tropical Frog Mini Puzzles (4)

    Have some puzzle fun with these funny tropical frogs!

    You get a set of 4 frog puzzles, each in their own box and each one is a different design. There's a blue frog, a yellow frog, a red frog and a green frog. Each puzzle has 24 pieces.

    These puzzles make great party favors!

    Size: Set of 4 puzzles, 6-1/2" tall when assembled
  • Vinyl Red-Eyed Treefrog w/Baby

    Vinyl Red-Eyed Treefrog w/Baby

    Here's a beautifully made little flexible vinyl frog!

    One of the most popular frogs of the mysterious rainforest is the red-eye tree frog named after their dramatic red eyes. This authentic and hand painted mother frog has a baby on her back. Made of durable, phthalate free polyvinyl.

    Size: 2-1/2" long. Ages 3+
  • Webkinz Plush Bullfrog

    Webkinz Plush Bullfrog

    What a cuddly round bullfrog!

    This soft plushy bullfrog is bright green with lots of dark spots. He is a genuine Webkinz toy pet with his own secret code that allows his special friend to log into the Webkinz website and adopt a virtual version of their pet. Wouldn't you like to be his special friend?

    With this unique code as their key, children can join Webkinz World without giving out any personal information such as e-mail, last name or phone number. A safe way to have even more froggy fun!

    Size: About 8" long
  • Webkinz Plush Tie Dye Frog

    Webkinz Plush Tie Dye Frog

    Adopt a pet plushie frog!

    This very soft frog with floppy legs is a genuine Webkinz toy pet. He is a beautiful frog with a plush in variegated bright greens that give him a tie-dye look.

    Each Webkinz frog has a secret code that allows his special friend to log into the Webkinz website and adopt a virtual version of their pet.

    With this unique code as their key, children can join Webkinz World without giving out any personal information such as e-mail, last name or phone number. A safe way to have even more froggy fun!

    Size: About 8" long
  • Webkinz Plush Tree Frog

    Webkinz Plush Tree Frog

    Here's an adorably cute frog!

    This very soft plush treefrog with large red eyes is a genuine Webkinz toy pet. Each Webkinz frog has a secret code that allows his special friend to log into the Webkinz website and adopt a virtual version of their pet.

    With this unique code as their key, children can join Webkinz World without giving out any personal information such as e-mail, last name or phone number. A safe way to have even more froggy fun!

    Size: About 8" long
  • Windup Swimming Frog with Babies

    Windup Swimming Frog with Babies

    Splish... splish... splash!

    This fun frog mama toy winds up with a knob on the bottom so she can swim across your tub by kicking her legs back and forth. She has four little baby frogs who just love to follow! Like their mama, the babies are a dark green with tiny brown spots on them.

    The little frogs don't kick on their own, but have magnets front and rear so that they can be towed by mama frog from the back of her elbows (which also have magnets.)

    Size: Mama frog is 4" long, babies are 1-3/4" long
  • Wooden Red-Eyed Tree Frog Puzzle (20 pc)

    Wooden Red-Eyed Tree Frog Puzzle (20 pc)

    Don't leave this tree frog in pieces!

    This is an awesome high quality wooden puzzle of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. A great challenge for young minds and fingers! The puzzle has 20 wood pieces that fit into a wooden frame.

    A portion of the proceeds from this puzzle is donated to Abhaya Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides housing, education and support to disadvantaged children throughout the world.

    Size: 8" x 8"