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Housewares & Bath Frogs

Here you'll find frog stuff for the kitchen, bed and bath, such as frog afghans and fleece throws, frog shower curtains and bath accessories, frog kitchenwares, coffee mugs, shot glasses, and even frog-themed food and candy.


  • Mugzie Green Frog Travel Mug

    Mugzie Green Frog Travel Mug

    Mugzie® brand travel mugs combine the excellent insulation and water-proof properties of neoprene wetsuit material and the usefulness of a spill-proof, stainless steel travel mug. The Mugzie’s unique, hand-sewn fabric cover is made from 1/4 inch closed-cell neoprene that is covered with soft, water-proof polyester fabric. The stain-resistant cover is printed in hi-resolution and has full-wrap coverage. The Mugzie® has excellent insulating properties to keep beverages hot or cold. The cushioned cover affords a secure grip and eliminates condensation and sweating. Mugzie® travel mug fits in most car cup holders and the counter-weighted bottom provides stability. Use it for both hot and cold beverages. Hand Wash.

    16 Ounce Capacity.
    Spill resistant lid and and a non-skid bottom.
    Made in the U.S.A.
    Hand-sewn neoprene and fabric cover.
  • Frog-Shaped Frogaroni Pasta

    Frog-Shaped Frogaroni Pasta

    What are we having for dinner?

    FROGARONI! This cute and yummy pasta is perfect for parties, pot-lucks, wedding receptions, holidays, or just any day at all. The package contains a mixture of frog-shaped natural colored pasta and spinach pasta. (No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.) Contains no frogs.

    The label is really cute. Take a look below for more detail. It's better than flies... A lot better!

    It's the perfect gift for the frog-person who has everything! And, the frog pasta also makes fun craft shapes for children's school and church projects.

    Size: Contents 12 oz. of all-natural pasta, made in USA.
  • "Think Green" Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    "Think Green" Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Be green wherever you go!

    This nice stainless steel thermal mug has a plastic insulated liner on the inside and splashproof screw-on lid. The design is a cute green outline of a frog with a big, happy smile and the words, "Think Green."

    The lid has a sliding tab on it that allows you to cover the drinking hole when you are not actively drinking.

    A great re-usable mug for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cold drinks in the summer. Very eco-friendly and perfect for traveling!

    Size: 7-1/4" tall, holds 16 oz.
  • Little Frog Cookie Cutter

    Little Frog Cookie Cutter

    Don't like the idea of eating frog legs? Why don't you try a frog cookie instead!

    Your family and friends will love you because a batch of cute little frogs are toadally irresistable!

    The cutter can also be used for making Christmas tree ornaments. Just use a cinnamon and spice dough, punch a hole for the cord, then let them dry.

    Check out the detail image below for decorating ideas. These two were made by Froggie, owner of the Frog Store. They were very yummy!

    Size: 3" tall, 2-1/2" wide
  • Pull Apart Silicone Frog Cake Pan

    Pull Apart Silicone Frog Cake Pan

    Be the first to have a truly unique frog cake at your party!

    This easy to use cake pan lets you make a cake that will impress everyone. They'll be amazed at the fine froggy shape of this cake! What's even better is that the frog's shape is in 8 separate compartments (of various sizes) so you can just pull them apart and serve them like cupcakes! And it's so, so easy to use.

    Just wash the silicone pan (mold) in soapy water and dry it off thoroughly before the first use and lightly grease the inside of the pan with your first cake. This will be the only time that you will need to grease the pan. For future cakes you should just pour the batter directly into the pan with no greasing. The cake pieces come out easily!

    The cake pan comes with a simple cupcake recipe and instructions on the use and care of the pan.

    Size: About 10" long and 9" tall
  • All Around Frogs Mug

    All Around Frogs Mug

    Frogs all around!

    This handsome ceramic coffee cup has frogs on both sides in a wrap-around scene, so you can see them from any side of the mug. (See photo of backside of mug at bottom of page.) Dishwasher safe.

    Size: 4" tall, holds 11 ounces.
  • Velvety Fleece Treefrog Throw Blanket

    Velvety Fleece Treefrog Throw Blanket

    Snuggle into some froggy softness!

    This velvety plush lap blanket is super soft and fluffy, and best of all it's totally covered with beautiful red-eyed treefrogs! The pattern has red-eyed tree frogs perched on jungle leaves, against a teal-green background. Perfect for watching TV or reading, it's also just the right size for a kids bed or baby crib. We're even tempted to hang it on the wall as a decorative tapestry, it's so gorgeous.

    A luxurious throw blanket makes a great gift too, especially for seniors or people who like to sit and read or knit. Drape it over your car seat, line the baby stroller, put it over your shoulders while you play computer games, or lay it out on the floor for the baby to play on.

    Photo at left shows almost the entire blanket pattern (it's slightly larger). See the detail photo below for a closeup of one corner.

    Size: about 50" x 60"
  • "Buddies Stick Together" Frog Beach Towel

    "Buddies Stick Together" Frog Beach Towel

    Enjoy the sun and the waves with this fun frog beach towel!

    It pictures three whimsical frogs on a bright blue background, with the words, "Buddies Stick Together."

    The towel is a high quality lightweight terry velour, 100% cotton. It also makes a great bath towel for that froggy bathroom you've always been wanting.

    Size: 30" x 60"
  • Mint Fudge Filled Chocolate Frogs, 15 pcs.

    Mint Fudge Filled Chocolate Frogs, 15 pcs.

    Yum! Minty little fudge frogs!

    These edible mint chocolate frogs are green on the outside and filled with delicious soft fudge on the inside. They come in an elegant green box that contains 15 yummy frogs.

    If you bag them in little cellophane bags, they would make excellent frog wedding favors or frog party favors, frog stocking stuffers, gift toppers, valentines day frog gifts or neat little "thank-you" gifts. (Note: Bags not included.)

    The little frogs would look fantastic as wedding cake decorations or frog birthday cake decorations too, or put one on top of each iced cupcake or iced cookie.

    Size: Box of 15 frogs. Net wt. 6 ounces. Each frog is about 1/1/4" tall and 1" wide.
    Note: Made in a facility with other products containing peanuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews, wheat and milk.

    Please contact us 3-6 weeks in advance if you will be needing to special order large quantities for a wedding or party!

    NOTE: We do not guarantee chocolate products against melting in transit. We do not recommend ordering chocolate if your local temperatures are above 80 degrees, the transit route between Oregon and your location has high temperatures, or if your mailbox/delivery area is in an location exposed to direct sun.
    $9.95 save 20%
  • Sugarfree Chocolate Peppermint Frog Poop

    Sugarfree Chocolate Peppermint Frog Poop

    What, you say "Frog Poop" doesn't make you think of minty fresh breath?

    These tasty sugarfree chocolate peppermints may change your mind! You get a handy recloseable tin of mints, with a cute "Frog Poop" label. Perfect for party favors, stocking stuffers, and froggy gag gifts.

    The mints are not frog shaped.

    Size: One recloseable tin of mints, 0.7 ounces (about 50 mints). Tin is 2-1/2" across and 3/4" tall.
  • Squeaky Fun Frogs (3)

    Squeaky Fun Frogs (3)

    Adorable smiling frogs...

    Surround yourself with these smiling, squeaky frogs during your next bath and soon you will be smiling too! They are made from soft flexible vinyl and have a vent in the bottom that produces a mild squeaky sound when squeezed.

    Set of 3 includes one adult sized green frog and 2 kid sized green frogs in floaty rings.

    Size: Small frogs are 2" tall, large frog is 3.5" tall
  • "Beware of Crazy Frog Lady" Magnet

    "Beware of Crazy Frog Lady" Magnet

    Crazy for frogs?

    Here's a great magnet for your fridge. The button is white with four green frogs and a very clear warning... "BEWARE of Crazy Frog Lady."

    This is a button style magnet with a moderately strong round magnet securely attached to the back.

    Check out our other Crazy Frog Lady items through the links below.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 1-3/4" across
  • Windup Swimming Frog with Babies

    Windup Swimming Frog with Babies

    Splish... splish... splash!

    This fun frog mama toy winds up with a knob on the bottom so she can swim across your tub by kicking her legs back and forth. She has four little baby frogs who just love to follow! Like their mama, the babies are a dark green with tiny brown spots on them.

    The little frogs don't kick on their own, but have magnets front and rear so that they can be towed by mama frog from the back of her elbows (which also have magnets.)

    Size: Mama frog is 4" long, babies are 1-3/4" long