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Lizard and Gecko Toys & Games

Check out these fun lizard toys and games! Here's where you'll find lizard and gecko toys, games, puzzles, rubber lizards, plush stuffed lizards, and other great lizard and gecko stuff.


  • "Undercover" Chameleon Puzzle 1000 Piece

    "Undercover" Chameleon Puzzle 1000 Piece

    This chameleon is undercover...

    He's on a secret mission to capture a wild and dangerous fly with his long sticky tongue. He is perched on a slender green branch and blends in perfectly against a tropical red, yellow and green jungle background.

    The artwork for this brilliantly colored puzzle is titled "Undercover" by artist Lori Anzalone.

    The puzzle is environment friendly as it and its packaging are made from a mixed source of recycled and ecologically managed material and soy-based inks.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 1000 pieces, assembled size 20" x 27"
  • 6-inch Toy Lizards (12)

    6-inch Toy Lizards (12)

    Have a load of lizards!

    This fun variety pack of vinyl lizards will amuse kids for hours! OK, maybe not for hours, but they are lots of fun to play with, and for adults too. These make great party favors or gift toppers, or amusing stocking stuffers for the reptile lover.

    These are made from a flexible solid (not hollow) vinyl. The assortment has two each of 6 different designs.

    Size: You get a bag of 12 assorted lizards, each about 6" long.
  • Big Squishy Stretchy Lizard

    Big Squishy Stretchy Lizard

    Sticky, stretchy, squishy!! And lots of FUN!!!

    This brown/grey lizard is a delight to squish and stretch. The body is soft, slightly sticky and you can stretch it to several times its length.

    What I most like to do is wrap its tail around my wrist and tuck the end under itself. Then I can wear it as a lizard bracelet. It stays on surprisingly well.

    Size: 11 inches long but can be stretched to amazing lengths
  • Enormous Grow Lizard

    Enormous Grow Lizard

    Whoa! You may have seen grow-lizards, but have you ever seen one this HUGE??

    Put this 12" long lizard in water for 2-3 days, and watch as it grows up to 36" in length. You can dry it out and regrow it, too.

    Colors/patterns may vary, but will all be colorful green/yellow/blue/orange/pink combinations.

    Size: 12" long when dry, grows up to 36" long
  • Flocked Bobbleheaded Lizard

    Flocked Bobbleheaded Lizard

    This beautiful green lizard is a very agreeable companion.

    The bobble head chameleon has a fuzzy flocked surface in a vivid green color with black markings. His head hangs from a little hook inside his body (you'll have to hook it on after he arrives), so it swings freely and nods when he's bumped.

    He looks outstanding on a desk, shelf, or on your dashboard. He loves going for long drives where he can nod his head happily at everything you say. He even comes with a little foam peel-n-stick tab that you can use to help keep him in place.

    Size: 8" long, 1-3/4" high
  • Glow in the Dark Lizards (12)

    Glow in the Dark Lizards (12)

    EEEK! Lizards glow in the dark!

    Put these little lizards in a bright place for a while, then turn the lights out and watch them glow a ghostly greenish color. And, even in the light they make fun little toys or party favors!

    Size: 4" to 5" long, pack of 12 lizards
  • Hatch 'Em Growing Pet Lizard Toy

    Hatch 'Em Growing Pet Lizard Toy

    Hatch your own toy baby lizard!

    Just put the egg into water, and watch the shell crack as the baby lizard hatches out over a 1-3 day period. The lizard will continue to grow in water, up to 6" in length. The color of your lizard will be a secret until it hatches - it could be green, or brown, or have stripes or spots on it.

    You can even let it dry out, and then grow it again!

    Please note that this is an expanding grow toy, not a live lizard. See detail image below for a diagram of how to hatch your lizard.

    Size: Egg is 2-1/2" tall, lizard grows up to 6" long
  • Lizard Slime

    Lizard Slime

    Tiny Lizard trapped in slime and desperately seeking escape. Won't you take some slime home to day and free this little reptile? Blue, pink, yellow and green sticky gooey slime trap these small reptiles. Great for party favors. Please specify if you would like a specific color. Otherwise, we will send a variety. Not for children under the age of 3.

    1 1/2 in tall container

    1 in plastic lizard

    Ages 3+

  • Mini Vinyl Lizards (10)

    Mini Vinyl Lizards (10)

    Need some tiny rubber lizards?

    These colorful little vinyl lizards are perfect for party favors, stocking stuffers, or just for fun. You get a pack of 12 in a variety of colors as shown. They are a nice quality with realistic details.

    Size: about 2-1/2" long, pack of 10
  • Shimmery Stretch Lizards (12)

    Shimmery Stretch Lizards (12)

    Looking for some fun lizards?

    These squishy stretchy colorful lizards are lots of fun to play with! They're perfect for party favors and stocking stuffers, too. You get a pack of 12 lizards in assorted bright shimmery colors.

    They are also rather sticky, so they make great decorations for your monitor or filing cabinet at work. Just stick them anywhere!

    Size: 4" to 5" long before stretching, pack of 12 assorted
  • Sparkly Gecko Slap Bracelet

    Sparkly Gecko Slap Bracelet

    Here's a cute gecko for your wrist.

    He's very easy to put on. Just run your fingers firmly on the top of the band to straighten it out, then you can simply slap the bracelet against your wrist and the ends will curl up and wrap around snugly.

    The little stuffed gecko is made from silky fabric in pink, blue and green with shiny silver metallic dots.

    Great for party favors and stocking stuffers!

    Size: one size fits all, gecko is about 3 inches long
  • Sparkly Glitter Lizards, pk/12

    Sparkly Glitter Lizards, pk/12

    Geckos with glitter? Groovy!!!

    These colorful little vinyl lizards are covered in tiny bits of glitter. They are perfect for party favors and table decorations where you want to add a little sparkle.

    You get a pack of 12 in a variety of colors as shown in the picture. In fact, you may even get a bag in which each lizard is unique! They are made from a nice quality vinyl with realistic details.

    Size: about 2-1/2" long, pack of 12
  • Spotted Squishy Stretchy Lizards (12)

    Spotted Squishy Stretchy Lizards (12)

    You can stretch them, fling them, or squash them, but please, please don't pull their tails off!

    Honestly, these lizards will NOT grow back their tails. They are just toys.

    But they are lots of fun to play with! They are squishy, rubbery, and just slightly sticky.

    They're perfect for party favors and stocking stuffers, too. You get a pack of 12 spotted lizards in assorted bright but natural looking colors.

    Size: About 6" long from nose tip to tail tip before stretching, pack of 12 assorted