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Looking for reptile windchimes? Here's where to find turtle, frog, alligator, snake, and lizard chimes and windbells.


  • Happy Turtle Windchime

    Happy Turtle Windchime

    A very cute and happy turtle!

    And what's not to be happy about? This turtle has an excellent seat on the grass and great music to listen to. It's sort of like a box office seat! The concert is "Bells" performed by Four Turtles upon the chimes.

    The turtles are made from a sturdy resin. See picture below for full view of windchime.

    Size: About 20" long and 3.5" wide
  • Japanese Turtle Wind Bell

    Japanese Turtle Wind Bell

    Simple and elegant!

    This Japanese windbell is designed to bring peace and harmony into your home. The bell is made from cast iron and finished with a green patina.

    It is best to hang this turtle bell near windows and doorways or outside where the traditional paper that is attached to the clapper will not get wet. If you do wish to hang this outside in the elements, simply use a piece of wood or flat stone instead of the paper to catch the wind.

    Size: Turtle is ~3.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"
  • Metal Art Sea Turtle - Medium EyeCatcher Windspinner

    Metal Art Sea Turtle - Medium EyeCatcher Windspinner

    Beautiful and unique wind spinner from Next Innovations! Laser cut from 18 gauge steel and made in the USA!

    11.5" x 11.5"
  • Metal Turtle Windchime

    Metal Turtle Windchime

    Beautiful to listen to, beautiful to look at!

    Made from metal sheeting, the brown and green turtle is walking on a branch toward a flower. Four metal chimes hang in a row below with 3 beaded chains in between. The center string has an extra set of beads and a flower to help catch the wind.

    This is a beautiful piece of artwork that will look great hanging on your porch or a nearby tree branch. It also would do just fine inside a window where you get a nice breeze.

    Size: 23" tall, 7" wide, less than an inch thick
  • Sea Turtle Windchime

    Sea Turtle Windchime

    A cute little turtle windchime!

    These very green turtles are made of hollow acrylic so it takes very little wind to make them move. Works great as an indoor chime or outside where you don't get really strong winds.

    Size: 17 inches long
  • Stained-Glass Frog Windchime

    Stained-Glass Frog Windchime

    Here's a nicely handcrafted frog chime!

    The topper is made from stained glass. The metal frame that holds the 6 chime tubes has beautiful curly metal brackets and colorful glass accents. (See detailed photo below.)

    The windcatcher is a stained-glass raindrop shape.

    Size: 27" tall from hanging ring to windcatcher. Stained glass frog is 4.5" tall.