Full-Color Reptile Stickers (17)
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Full-Color Reptile Stickers (17)

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What does a Basilisk, a Horned Toad, a Chuckwalla, and a Thorny Devil have in common?

Well, besides having weird names, they are all reptiles. You might have guessed that, but I would be really impressed if you actually knew what they all look like! This little book is filled with realistic stickers of 17 species of reptile. Each critter has been illustrated by nature artist Sy Barlowe and make an excellent addition to your sticker collection.

The book is printed with acid free inks, paper and adhesives. The 3 reptiles you see in the picture are 3 of the stickers inside. Great for party favors, scrapbooking, and sticking in your notebooks and journals!

Size: Book is 4" by 5-1/4" and contains 17 full color stickers that vary from almost 2" to over 3" long

Made in the USA

Full list of reptile stickers:
Snapping Turtle
Thorny Devil
Gila Monster
Leatherneck Turtle
Collared Lizard
Galapagos Tortoise
Jackson's Chameleon
Tokay Gecko
Frilled Lizard
Horned Toad
Box Turtle
Komodo Dragon

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