Happy Frog Big Balloon
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Happy Frog Big Balloon

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Hi! Let's have a froggy good time!

This big balloon is in the shape of a standing frog. The frog has big eyes and a big smile and is a lovely green and yellow.

The design is the same on both sides of the balloon.

Size: 36" tall. The Mylar® balloon is uninflated, so you can either blow it up with air or have it filled with helium at your neighborhood party store or florist. Be careful not to over-inflate
Mylar® balloons, it makes them leak and go flat...

To inflate with air, gently insert a plastic drinking straw through the round hole in the neck of the balloon so it extends into the main body of the balloon, and blow into the straw to inflate. When fully inflated, pull out the straw and the balloons neck will automatically seal. To deflate for future re-use, gently reinsert the straw as before (to its full length) and allow the balloon to deflate.

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      CAUTION: Keep helium-filled balloons weighted at all times. Do not use near electrical power lines. Mylar® balloons are metallic and can cause severe electrical surges if they touch or get tangled in power lines.
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