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Andy Flip Flop Alligator

Andy Flip Flop Alligator

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Andy, soft Andy...

Unlike a real alligator, Andy is really nice to pet. He's got a super soft plush and a velvety mouth. Even his pointed white teeth are soft! And he has a really cute yellow checkered bow tied around his neck. (Although petting a real alligator might be nice too, in a different sort of way...)

Andy has weighted pellets in his belly and at the ends of his flippers so you can drape him just about anywhere... over an arm or shoulder, maybe even on top of your baby... Then you could watch to see who eats who!

This is a Mary Meyer toy and has been safety tested for children of all ages. So it is safe even for babies.

Size: About 16" long, 10" wide, and 4" tall (when lying flat)

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