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Fimo Sea Turtle Hair Clips

Fimo Sea Turtle Hair Clips

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Here's some cute turtle clips to help keep your hair in place!

These little turtles are made from FIMO polymer clay with a specialty formula that remains flexible even after its been heat cured. They are made from a mix of brown and green clays that give each piece its own unique pattern. The eyes are a little dot of black on white. Very cute!

The metal part of the hair clip is a bright lime green and you don't have to work about the turtles coming unglued and falling off. The turtles are actually held on by a tiny plastic screw that goes through the metal of the clip and into the turtle. Very secure.

Check out the matching earrings through the link below.

Size: Set of 2 clips about 2" long, each turtle is about 3/4" long and almost 1" wide.

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