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Porcelain Miniature: Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Porcelain Miniature: Loggerhead Sea Turtle

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Although this sea turtle porcelain replica is small, a real Loggerhead sea turtle is a BIG turtle!

It can grow to 3.5 feet long and weigh up to 800 pounds. This turtle is also the most populous of the sea turtles, mostly because it has sub-species habitat in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans.

The loggerhead is a really pretty turtle with its skin a yellow-brown in a sort of spotted pattern and its shell a reddish brown color.

If you are ever lucky enough to see them hatching, DON'T help them to the sea. It is really important that the hatchlings use their muscles to build up strength and coordination before they reach the ocean. It really increases their survival rate.

Add this beautiful hand-painted porcelain replica of the Loggerhead sea turtle to your miniature figurine collection!

Size: About 2.5" long and 2" wide.

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